Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, North Pole, Russian Arctic, Spitsbergen


Explore the vast and diverse Arctic on a small ship cruise with Wild Earth Travel. With expeditions beginning in Svalbard in early May, travelers have the chance to witness polar bears in their natural environment and encounter a variety of bird species amidst stunning glaciers and fjords.

As summer progresses, voyages circumnavigate Svalbard and explore the shores of Greenland and Canada, while August brings safe navigation through the historical waters of the Northwest Passage. Small ships provide intimate experiences, allowing for visits to isolated Inuit communities and wildlife-rich areas like Wrangel Island. From the Canadian Arctic to Greenland, Iceland, and Spitsbergen, our expert team can help you find the perfect Arctic cruise tailored to your interests and preferences.


Arctic Highlights


Arctic Small Ship Cruises

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