Indochina Pandaw

Small Ship Cruise

Indochina Pandaw

Vessel Type: Luxury River Cruising

Passenger Capacity: 60 passengers

Length: 170.27ft / 51.90m

Built: 2009


20 upper deck, 10 main deck staterooms - 170 square feet, finished in teak and brass - Unlimited mineral water - Central AC with individual control - Premium mattresses - 24h laundry service


Admissions - Shoe cleaning after excursions - Bottled drinking water - We give away aluminium water bottles - Cold towel service after excursions - Refreshing drink following excursions - 1st aid trained assistant guide to follow all tours and excursions


All onboard crew is trained and certified as per international marine standards - Fire alarm system in all cabins, public areas and back areas - Fire fighting system in all ship areas - Expert marine superintendant - 24 hrs watch on duty


Captain - River Pilot - First Officer - Chief Engineer - 1st Engineer - Electrician - Bosun & nautical crew - Ship manager - Housekeeping - Dining - Bar keeper - Chefs - Local tour guides

Cabin layout for Indochina Pandaw

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