Sail between the enchanting Croatian city of Dubrovnik and Naples aboard the historic tall ship Sea Cloud. Wind your way around the southern part of Italy’s “boot,” calling on vibrant and welcoming places steeped in ancient history. Marvel at ornate cathedrals and remarkable baroque buildings, explore great sites of antiquity—from renowned Pompeii to the less-visited Greek temples of Paestum—and meander through unspoiled cliff-top towns, soaking up breathtaking views. Plus, with a little luck, witness the orange glow of eruptions from the Stromboli volcano. Time at sea offers a glimpse into the bygone golden age of sailing. Stand on deck to watch the orchestrated frenzy of crew members going high aloft in the riggings to handset 30 sails. Feel the ship heel underfoot in the wind, and measure the passing of time luxuriating on deck and watching landscapes on the horizon slowly change.


• Explore Greco-Roman sites, the baroque city of Lecce, and the medieval island town of Ortigia, and take in their vibrant life and culture

• See the Amalfi Coast, with its pastel-colored buildings and stunning vistas

• Visit Pompeii, abruptly destroyed by Vesuvius in the year A.D. 79, and witness its extraordinarily well-preserved homes

• Enjoy a private lunch at Castello degli Schiavi, an 18th-century castle used as a locale for the Godfather films

• Savor ample time at sea sailing aboard Sea Cloud, the world’s most beautiful tall ship

• Explore enchating Split, Trogir, Mostar & Dubrovnik on a four-day trip extension, and/or historic Naples on a two-day trip extension

Arrive in Dubrovnik and transfer to the Sea Cloud. Time permitting, briefly explore Dubrovnik before setting sail. (D)

Marvel as the ship’s billowing sails are raised the old-fashioned way, by hand, and the ship heads across the Adriatic Sea. Hear presentations from our experts, catch up on reading and experience Sea Cloud’s legendary five‐star service. (B,L,D)

We stop at the picturesque Adriatic town of Otranto, whose idyllic seaside appearance contrasts with its turbulent past. We’ll explore the cathedral, which has a large, intricate, fanciful 12th-century mosaic floor depicting real and mythological animals, a tree of life, historical figures, and biblical scenes. The cathedral is also noted for the chapel with the skulls and bones of more than 800 martyrs of the Turkish invasion of 1480. We’ll also walk the medieval walls for great views of the Aragonese Castle, the town, and the sea. We continue to Lecce, the “Florence of the South,” to explore its remarkable 17th-century baroque architecture and its narrow pedestrian streets and grand plazas on a walking excursion. Some of the greatest architectural masters of the time competed to see who could create the most beautiful buildings, and the highly fanciful, ornamented style was given its own name: “Lecce Baroque.” Our walking tour of Lecce shows us the Basilica di Santa Croce and the adjacent Palazzo del Governo; the extraordinary Piazza del Duomo, with its cathedral and the Palazzo Vescovile; and the second-century Roman amphitheater. After visiting Lecce, we return to our ship and sail into the Ionian Sea. (B,L,D)

Weather permitting, we spend the day with sails unfurled in the Ionian, sailing across the southern part of Italy’s “boot” toward Sicily. Join the expedition leader for a play-by-play description of the crew in the rigging and the action of setting square sails, staysails, and jibs as Sea Cloud shows her full glory. Relax with a book on deck, and enjoy delicious meals and complimentary drinks. (B,L,D)

Siracusa was the great rival to Athens, and its archaeological park features one of the largest theaters of antiquity. Its 15,000 seats are hewn out of bedrock, and the theater is still in use today. We also visit the nearby limestone quarry, the cave of “Dionysus’ Ear”, and the Roman amphitheatre before returning to Sea Cloud for lunch. The afternoon features a walk through the medieval island town of Ortygia. The town is magical, with numerous little piazzas and narrow alleys, but the time for you to explore on your own, if you're so inclined. (B,L,D) main feature is the Duomo, or Cathedral, which was built from the ruins of the ancient Temple of Athena. The history of Sicily can be told in the walls of this incredible construction. There will be

In the morning, we drive up to the intoxicatingly beautiful town of Taormina, perched 250 meters above. With Mount Etna dominating to the south, this stunning medieval town boasts the nowfashionable walk on the pedestrian Corso Umberto, lined with exquisite buildings, and ends at the Greco-Roman Theater. This unforgettable theatre was built right into the cliffside, overlooking the vast sea below, in the third century B.C. Enjoy a special lunch at a privately owned castle, the Castello degli Schiavi. This phenomenal 18thcentury home was the setting for many scenes in the Godfather films, and we’ll meet members of the family that owns it and explore the extensive buildings and grounds. Return to Sea Cloud, which has been at anchor under the watchful gaze of Mount Etna. (B,L,D)

In the early hours of the morning, we pass through the narrow Strait of Messina, which separates Sicily from the “boot” of Italy. It’s the purported location of Homer’s monsters Scylla and Charybdis, the rock and the hard place through which Odysseus had to sail. The Aeolian Islands are not only famous for the winds of the god Aeolus, but also for some of the most well-known classical volcanoes. We’ll set sails in the morning with the islands of Vulcano and Stromboli in view, anchoring for the afternoon at Lipari. Here we’ll go ashore for a drive around the perimeter of the entire island, with spectacular views of the other Aeolian volcanoes, before returning to the main town. We visit the small but surprising archeological museum that has an extensive collection of Neolithic artifacts made from the local obsidian, which was also the foundation of the island’s prosperity during the Greco-Roman era. This evening, we’ll have dinner on deck as Sea Cloud cruises the 25 miles to Stromboli, and with a little luck we’ll see some of the pyrotechnics of this active volcano. (B,L,D)

A morning at sea presents another opportunity to witness Sea Cloud's sails aloft. In the afternoon, we visit Amalfi. This storied town, part of the World Heritage Site that comprises the entire Amalfi Coast, has a glorious aspect, with pastel-hued houses clinging to the steep-sided mountains that comprise this indented stretch of coastline. Its pleasures are many: strolling the waterfront, with its marina and shops; visiting the ornate cathedral, with bronze doors dating from 1066; and just wandering the winding streets and alleyways to make your own discoveries. After taking time to explore Amalfi, we’ll drive up hairpin curves to Ravello, which overlooks the coastline from high above, offering great views. Ravello has long been a haunt of artists and intellectuals, including André Gide, Gore Vidal, Richard Wagner, Greta Garbo, John Maynard Keynes, and D.H. Lawrence (who wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover there). We’ll explore the Villa Rufolo, originally built in the 13th century and restored by a Scotsman, Francis Neville Reid, in the middle of the 19th century. It has gardens, stately buildings, a tower to climb if you wish, and vistas of Amalfi and other towns below. After visiting Ravello we return to Amalfi. (B,L,D)

Anchoring off the town of Agropoli, we drive to Paestum, a World Heritage Site with some of the finest and best-preserved Greek temples anywhere. Founded about 600 B.C. by Greeks from Sybaris and called Poseidonia, it became a thriving city. Today, the three magnificent Doric temples—known as the Temple of Neptune, the “Basilica” of Hera, and the Temple of Ceres—can be explored up close. The Temple of Neptune (a misnomer, as it was likely dedicated to Hera) is especially intact and allows you to imagine what it must have been like 2,500 years ago. It’s large and extremely graceful, with elegant rows of columns. The nearby museum has a superb collection of statues, paintings and reliefs from the site, many of them richly evocative in how they depict life in ancient times. After exploring Paestum, we return to Sea Cloud and spend the afternoon sailing the Tyrrhenian Sea. (B,L,D)

Spend the day exploring the historic city center of Salerno. Marvel at the 11th century Duomo of Salerno—a magnificent cathedral dedicated to Saint Matthew—and the gorgeous landscaped garden of Villa Comunale di Salerno. Or you can opt to visit the UNESCO Site of Pompeii, a once thriving city buried in pumice and ash when Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79 that wouldn't be rediscovered for 1,500 years. Pliny the Younger wrote, "Darkness fell, not the dark of a moonless or cloudy night, but as if the lamp had been put out in a dark room." Walking the 2,000-year-old streets, we'll explore remarkably preserved villas, the forum, the splendid amphitheater (which seated 12,000), and temples. Returning to Sea Cloud, we raise the sails a final time this afternoon as we sail the Bay of Naples. We’ll have a farewell dinner to toast our voyage. (B,L,D)

We arrive in Naples this morning and disembark. Transfer to the airport for flights home, or join our two-day optional extension exploring historic Naples. (B)

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Vessel Type: Tall Ship (Sailing)

Length: 109 metres

Passenger Capacity: 64

Built / refurbished: 1931 / 2011

Sea Cloud is a ship with a soul, imbued by the original owners, Marjorie Merriweather Post and her husband E.F. Hutton in the 1930’s. The ship has played host to royalty, known service in wartime, and sailed the world over. She is a vessel of incomparable grace that harks back to the golden age of ship travel. Once you’ve been on Sea Cloud under full sail, you’ll begin your own love affair.

Welcome aboard a legend 
Sea Cloud accommodates 58 guests in 28 outside cabins including two original owner’s suites that still feature original marble baths and fireplaces. At 360 feet she is an expansive ship with extensive public spaces on the top deck, where we luxuriate in deck chairs and watch the crew of 18 go aloft in the web of riggings to hand-set her 30 sails. Her dining room is hung with marine oil paintings of the period and accommodates all guests at once for a single seating. We’ll gather in the lounge each evening for Recap. Life aboard is a uniquely pleasing mix of elegance and informality—a return to the golden age of sailing in shorts and deck shoes. You’ll find all shipboard services impeccable. 

Discover the romance of tall ship sailing
Experience something many people don’t know exists in the 21st century—the romance of life under square sails. Discover the thrill of standing on deck as Sea Cloud gently glides through the water, her crew aloft in the riggings, running out and reefing sails. Settle in to your favorite areas on the top deck and bask in the incomparable experience of traveling aboard the finest tall ship to ever sail the seas. Lose yourself in an adventure that, in this day and age, is almost unimaginable.

Please note deck and suite plans are indicative only and may vary slightly.

Cabin layout for Sea Cloud

Optional tours and excursions available. Please contact us for more details.

Special Offers


Your bar tab and tips to the ship’s crew on all departures aboard National Geographic Endurance, National Geographic Resolution, National Geographic Orion, National Geographic Explorer, Sea Cloud, and Sea Cloud II are included in your fare. Bar tab excludes certain super premium brands, which are available for sale. Call for details.


Celebrate a milestone with a group of eight or more and enjoy a special amenity package including: 5% savings on voyage fares, custom group photo, US$150 shipboard credit for the group, and other special gifts. Milestone celebration to be communicated at time of booking. Valid for new bookings only on select departures, subject to availability, not applicable on airfare or extensions, and may not be combined with other offers. Deposit, final payments, and cancellation policies for group travel vary from our regular policies. Call for details.


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Certain offers may be combinable, up to two savings opportunities, except where noted otherwise. For example, travel with a group of 8 or more on back-to-back expeditions, and take advantage of both savings.


• Excursions, hotels, and airport transfers, as indicated in the itinerary 
• Selection of exploration tools curated to your destination, such as Zodiacs and glass-bottom boats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling equipment (including wetsuits, masks, and fins), and other state-of-the-art gear
• Guidance and company of our leading expedition staff 
• All meals as indicated in the itinerary, both aboard and onshore. Meals are inspired by regional cuisine and locally sourced where possible.
• Hors d’oeuvres inspired by regional cuisine and locally sourced where possible
• 24-hour access to snacks, premium coffees and teas, non-alcoholic beverages, and filtered water
• Beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits aboard the NG Endurance, NG Resolution, NG Explorer, NG Orion, NG Endeavour II, NG Islander II, Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud II, Lord of the Glens, and The Jahan. We are also pleased to offer a selection of super premium wines and liquors, available for purchase.
• Beer and wine, spirits and cocktails on all 2024 departures aboard NG Venture, NG Quest, NG Sea Bird, and NG Sea Lion, and specialty cocktails with meals aboard Delfin ll, with super premium wines and liquors available for purchase.
• Crew gratuities aboard NG Endurance, NG Resolution, NG Explorer,  NG Orion, Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud II, Lord of the Glens, Oberoi Philae, and The Jahan
• Free Wi-Fi aboard Lord of the Glens and The Jahan.
• Free Wi-Fi, up to one hour a day per person, aboard NG Islander II and NG Endeavour II 
• Presentations on your destination by expedition staff and expert guest speakers
• Complimentary reusable water bottle to fill at onboard water refill stations
• The services of a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or paramedic 
• Morning stretch classes and 24-hour access to exercise equipment where available 
• 24-hour access to lounges, observation decks, library stocked with regionally relevant literature, and other shared spaces 
• Complimentary Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic parka or jacket on select Arctic and Antarctic voyages
• Assistance by the onboard NG Photography Expert (NG Endurance, NG Explorer, NG Orion, NG Resolution) and Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructor (all ships)
• Access to the OM System Photo Gear Locker with the latest gear to try out on loan (all Lindblad-National Geographic ships except in Galapagos)
• Park and site entrance fees, special access permits, and port taxes


• Airfare (except flights when indicated as included), pre- and post-expedition extensions, additional hotel nights, and private transfers
• Travel protection plans and passport, visa, and immigration fees 
• Laundry, spa treatments, scuba diving, Wi-Fi, and phone services (except when indicated as included)
• Crew gratuities aboard NG Endeavour II, NG Islander II, NG Venture, NG Quest, NG Sea Bird, NG Sea Lion, and Delfin II
Sea Cloud
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