Cruising West Coast (USA)

Ship Capacity
184 berths
Vessel Type: Riverboat
Passenger Capacity: 184
American Jazz will begin its inaugural season on the Lower Mississippi in August of 2020. Like her sister ships ...
Small Ship Cruise

American Spirit

Ship Capacity
100 berths
Vessel Type: Coastal Cruise Ship
Passenger Capacity: 100
Built: 2005
The modern American Spirit is for the traveler who pursues the exceptional. Uniquely designed to ...
Small Ship Cruise

National Geographic Quest

Ship Capacity
100 berths
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship
Length: 72 metres
Passenger Capacity: 100 guests (in 50 cabins)
Built: 2017
Designed with decades of expedition experience in the region ...
Ship Capacity
62 berths
Vessel Type: Comfortable Expedition
Length: 52 metres
Passenger Capacity: 62 (in twin cabins)
Built: 1982 / Refurbished 2015
Twin Expedition ships, National Geographic Sea Bird & Sea ...
Ship Capacity
100 berths
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship
Passenger Capacity: 100
Built: 2017
National Geographic Venture is the perfect ship to explore Alaska’s Inside Passage and beyond. 
Cabins ...

Safari Explorer

Ship Capacity
36 berths
Vessel Type: Small Ship
Length: 145 ft
Passenger Capacity: 36
Built: 1998 
This high-end SUV of a yacht is nimble, strong, and loving. The Safari ...

Safari Voyager

Ship Capacity
64 berths
Vessel Type: Small Ship
Length: 174 ft
Passenger Capacity: 64
Built / refurbished: 1982 / 2016
Undergoing refurbishment in 2016, the 62-guest Safari Voyager offers personal comforts ...
Luxury Expedition

Silver Endeavour

Ship Capacity
200 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition
Length: 164.40 metres
Passenger Capacity: 200
Built: 2021
Designed for polar exploration, Silver Endeavour breaks the ice of luxury expedition ...

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