Cruising Ross Sea Region


Douglas Mawson

Ship Capacity
154 berths
Vessel Type: Small Ship Expedition
Passenger Capacity: 154
Lenght: 104.4 m
Built: 2025
Designed for global discovery
Adventure has a new name. Setting sail in …

Heritage Adventurer

Ship Capacity
140 berths
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship
Length: 124 metres
Passenger Capacity: 140
Built: 1991
Heritage Adventurer is a true pioneering expedition vessel of exceptional pedigree. Often referred …
Luxury Expedition

Le Commandant-Charcot

Ship Capacity
270 berths
Vessel Type: Polar Luxury Expedition
Passenger Capacity: 135 cabins
Length: 149.9 meters
Built: 2018/2019
Be the first aboard Le Commandant-Charcot, the world's luxury polar exploration …
Luxury Expedition

Le Soleal

Ship Capacity
200 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury Small Ship
Length: 142 metres
Passenger Capacity: 264
Built: 2013
Sailing under the French flag, this magnificent yacht of only 132 staterooms …

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