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Cruise Asia by Small Ship or Luxury Yacht with Wild Earth Travel. Wiggle Your Toes in Golden Sands, Discover Hallowed Temples, Learn to Dive in on Thailand's World-Class Beaches, & See the Great Wall Nestled in China's Dramatic Mountainsides.

Asia and India offer travelers an untold number of natural and cultural experiences—and our expeditions and small ship cruises take you to some of the least-visited and newest emerging destinations in the world. Whether by small ship or riverboat, you’ll be steeped in the lore of each location, and introduced to its most marvelous secrets.

Yangon. Glorious temples, monuments and pagodas glint in the sunshine of Yangon, rising from a sea of lush greenery. Although it’s no longer Myanmar’s capital - since 2006 - the city remains the country’s largest and most culturally alluring. Having fallen under British control, it is littered with colonial architecture, in amongst the chaotic and colour-stacked streets. 

Phuket. Thailand’s largest island promises ocean bliss and wide beaches of indulgent opulence, with some of the country’s most attractive, and dreamily dramatic scenery. Head for sumptuous spas and perfect beaches, or explore the streets of busy Phuket Town, which hum with markets, lively celebrations and an endless chorus of whirring scooters. Phang Nga Bay National Park is a nearby treasure - a remarkable landscape of towering limestone karst. The iconic rock formations are breathlessly beautiful, encased by theatrical inlets and incredible greenery-clad rock formations. 

Koh Samui. Thailand’s second-largest island invites you to sink into indulgent wellness spas and lounge on pristine beaches Or head out on enriching explorations among golden pagodas elephant sanctuaries and rushing waterfalls. With its silky-smooth sands and irresistible sapphire-coloured seas Chaweng Beach is one of the island’s most popular offering shallow turquoise water perfect for swimming. Head to an opulent resort to soak up this dream setting in style. 

Tokyo. Dense and delightful, there’s nowhere else like Japan’s kinetic capital - a city where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with a relentless pursuit for the future’s sharpest edge. See the city from above, as elevators rocket you up to towering viewing platforms, from which you can survey a vast urban ocean, interspersed with sky-scraping needles. Look out as far as the distant loom of Mount Fuji’s cone on clear days. 

Osaka. Japan’s third-biggest city has thrown off its shackles and stepped out of the shadows to light up the sky with glaring neon signs and a larger than life outlook. Giant octopuses cling to buildings and bustling restaurants pack in the crowds in this great and garish place, which is Japan at its most friendly, extroverted and flavourful. So dive in headfirst to experience an all-out sensory assault of delicious food, shopping cathedrals and glittering temples. 

Nha Trang. Home to some of Vietnam's best beaches and dive sites, the coastal city of Nha Trang is a magnet for those seeking sunshine and underwater adventure. Backdropped by mountains, white sandy coves shelter lovely bays and distant islands. The capital of Khanh Hoa province, Nha Trang lacks the culture found in neighboring areas but still has a few temples and such to remind you that you're in Vietnam. But don't be surprised to find signs written in Russian—more than 10,000 Russians come here each month. 

Chan May. Experience the rich imperial past, stoic resilience, and blissful beaches of central Vietnam, as you delve deep into this fascinating country’s past and present. The sheer beauty and vitality of the scenery will amaze you, as you explore the stories this now tranquil land has to tell - all the while surrounded by rolling rice paddies, freely grazing water buffalo and soaring limestone scenery. Cut in half by the evocatively named Perfume River, and home to a spectacular sprawling citadel, Hue is a true experience for the senses. 

Ha Long Bay. The extraordinary, mossy limestone mountains that rear from the waters of Ha Long Bay form one of the most spectacular natural landscapes on the planet. At least 1,600 green islands rise over a flotilla of strung-together fishing boats and floating villages. Spectacular at any time, sunset bathes the remarkable limestone formations in warm, honey-coloured light, adding an extra layer to the seascape's heart-stirring beauty. Emerald green sea washes around this immense network of islands and limestone outcrops, which you can explore at leisure on junk boats and by sea kayak. 

If you’re after a small ship cruise or an expedition ship cruise to Asia Wild Earth Travia can help you find a trip of a lifetime. We are ready to guide you through our range of different options with impartial advice so you can experience the very best of this unique destination. Our team are all passionate expedition & small cruise ship travellers and our knowledge and stories come from our own personal experiences.


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