Not Only a Frozen Wilderness, Spitsbergen is a Place of Precarious Beauty & a Stronghold of Endangered Arctic Wildlife

Svalbard is the crown of Arctic Norway. Located halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, one might expect it to be unbearably cold. However, thanks to the Gulf Stream, Spitsbergen and the other islands in the Svalbard archipelago boast a surprisingly mild climate with distinctive seasons. The large variety of plants and wildlife includes seals, thousands of seabirds coming in every summer, the Arctic fox and reindeer and the top predator: the polar bear.

Klondike-like atmosphere. Part of the Svalbard experience is visiting the different and fascinating settlements like Longyearbyen, Barentsburg, or Ny-Ålesund – all with a different scent and atmosphere. However, they share a certain pioneer feeling, a “Klondike-like” atmosphere – displaying self-confidence in their isolation from the mainland.

Environmental commitment. A voyage to Svalbard offers experiences close to nature’s most spectacular landscapes, genuine cultures, exceptional people and amazing wildlife. Preserving these resources in their natural, unspoiled condition is our priority - you will always experience the highest environmental awareness on board and ashore.

Some of the possible landing sites you may visit on an expedition cruise to Svalbard:

• Longyearbyen - a small and lively town perched on the edge of the vast Arctic tundra.

• Barentsburg - a Russian settlement in Norwegian territory, with a mining heritage and the interesting Pomor Museum.

• Ny Ålesund. Want to send a postcard from the northernmost town in the world? Look no further. As the gateway to the Arctic, remote yet charming Ny-Ålesund has a fascinating explorer history.

• North West Spitsbergen National Park. Explore the many beautiful fjords in this area, like Kongsfjorden, Krossfjorden and Liefdefjorden, home to the enormous Monaco Glacier.

• Moffen - an island north of Wijdefjorden on the coast of Spitsbergen, and is the largest island of the Svalbard Archipelago.

• 80° North - sail above 80º N on a circumnavigation, come closer than 600 nautical miles from the Geographical North Pole.

• Kvitøya. This remote island – the easternmost in the Svalbard archipelago – is almost entirely covered by the Kvitøyjøkulen ice cap, hence the name “White Island”.

• North East Svalbard Nature Reserve. Eastern Svalbard boasts the highest population of polar bears on the archipelago. It also features amazing wildlife spotting opportunities for walrus and birdlife.

• South East Svalbard Nature Reserve. Edgeøya is the third largest island in the Svalbard archipelago with a landscape that is largely un-glaciated, unlike much of Spitsbergen. Kapp Lee is a wonderful site where you’ll find cultural heritage from all eras of human exploration of Svalbard.

• South Spitsbergen National Park. Polar bears are known to hunt on the ice floes in the area, so with a bit of luck we may spot some of these magnificent predators.

If you’re after a small ship cruise or an expedition ship cruise to Spitsbergen Wild Earth Travel can help you find a trip of a lifetime. We are ready to guide you through our range of different options with impartial advice so you can experience the very best of this unique destination. Our team are all passionate expedition & small cruise ship travellers and our knowledge and stories come from our own personal experiences.


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