Cruising India

River Boat

ABN Charaidew II

Ship Capacity
36 berths
Vessel Type: River Boat
Length: 44.5 metres
Passenger Capacity: 18 cabins
ABN Charaidew II, entered service on the Brahmaputra in January 2019. Built in ...
Small Ship Cruise

ABN Rajmahal

Ship Capacity
40 berths
Vessel Type: River Boat
Length: 50 meters
Passenger Capacity: 40
Our new ship, ABN Rajmahal, entered service on the Lower Ganges and the Ganges proper ...
Small Ship Cruise

Katha Pandaw

Ship Capacity
32 berths
Vessel Type: River Boat
Length: 40 metres
Passenger Capacity: 32 passengers (28 passengers from Sept 2019)
Built / refurbished: 2011
6 upper deck, 10 main ...
Luxury Expedition

Le Jacques Cartier

Ship Capacity
190 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury
Passenger Capacity: 92 cabins
Built: 2018/2019
Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed staterooms, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge ...
Ship Capacity
388 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition
Length: 186 metres
Passenger Capacity: 388
Built / refurbished: 2001 / 2018
Our world-cruisers preferred ship, Silver Whisper sports a relaxing, sophisticated and ...

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