River Boat


Vessel Type: Expedition Cruise

Length: 24 metres

Passenger Capacity: 18

Built / refurbished: 1997 / 2018

In the first week of September 2018, the Motor Yacht Tucano, based in Manaus, Brasil, was relaunched after a substantial refit. In addition to the physical rebuilding, all of the expedition cruise activities were re-imagined and revised to enable travelers themselves to choose how they will be exploring the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Among countless small improvements to help the vessel stay new and inviting, the construction phase included an full rebuilding of the main salon and dining room. Where previously the sides of the vessel had solid walls with windows, there are now glass panels that make the Motor Yacht Tucano larger, brighter, and more stylish. At certain times of day, the walls of the salon are opened and travelers can enjoy the flower-scented breezes of the Amazon as well as experiencing an intimacy with the rainforest that cannot be had in a enclosed space.

In order to enhance the sense of elegance of the vessel, the staterooms on the M/Y Tucano were fully refinished and redecorated. The decorative style retains the feeling of a classic yacht with polished brass and highly varnished wood panels, but this ambience was enhanced by the installation of new fixtures and a refinishing. Many new artworks, commissioned for the vessel, were placed in the staterooms. To amplify the sense of style as well as to pamper the explorers, the stateroom amenities were also refashioned to luxury standard. The M/Y Tucano now features 700 thread count Egyptian cotton woven by Brazil's premier luxury manufacturer, Artelassê. Each stateroom also has a bit of France via L'Occitane shower and bath kits.

Cabin layout for Tucano

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