This beautiful motor yacht not only has a rustic and classic feel but all of the comfort you’d expect. The vessel holds a crew of seven and accommmodates up to 24 guests for one a relaxing Grecian cruises.  The 12 en-suite cabins are small with airconditioning. There isn't much huge storage space so pack lightly.  

There is a sundeck and there are areas to sit and watch the world go by. We run a full bar and normally a member of the crew will be there to serve you – but if not help yourself, make a note of it and we’ll add it to your final bill.

The whole ethos of the vessel is 'Responsible Travel'. The captain says:-

"The sea is our lifeblood and we respect it above and below the water. Every week our crew devote some time to a beach clean-up – and you are welcome to join them.

In order to combat global warming our vessels run on the cleanest possible energy and we keep cruising time to a minimum – in these waters you don’t need to travel a long way to see a great deal.

We respect the health of our guests and actively encourage them to swim every day and walk wherever possible.


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