Cruising Southeast Asia

Small Ship Cruise


Ship Capacity
46 berths
Vessel Type: River Boat/Small Ship
Passenger Capacity: 46
Length: 65 m
Built: 2015
With the largest cabin space on the Ayeyarwady river, and the highest crew to passenger ratio, Anawrahta ...
Small Ship Cruise

Andaman Explorer

Ship Capacity
20 berths
Vessel Type: Small Ship
Passenger Capacity: 20
Lenght: 61 meters
Built/Refurbished: 1963/2017
The Andaman Explorer was built as the MV Atlantic Guard in 1963 in Norway as a Norwegian coast ...
River Boat

Angkor Pandaw

Ship Capacity
32 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury River Cruising
Length: 42.2 m
Passenger Capacity: 32 passengers
Built: 2012
Angkor Pandaw is a handsome two-deck riverboat, a luxurious yet unostentatious replica of a colonial-era vessel ...
River Boat

Aqua Mekong

Ship Capacity
40 berths

Vessel Type: Luxury River Expedition
Length: 62.4 meters / 204 feet
Passenger Capacity: 40
Year Built: 2014

Spacious and indulgent, yet intimate enough to feel entirely exclusive, the ...
River Boat


Ship Capacity
48 berths
Vessel Type:  River Boat
Length:  70 metres
Passenger Capacity:  48 (in 24 cabins)
Built: 2011
The new Jahan offers by far the finest accommodations on the Mekong River. Nothing else ...
River Boat


Ship Capacity
54 berths
Vessel Type:  River Boat
Length:  60 metres
Passenger Capacity:  54 (in 27 cabins)
Built: 2009
The Jayavarman is the father of the Heritage Line Collection. A grandiose and majestic ship, ...
Luxury Small Ship Cruise

Le Laperouse

Ship Capacity
184 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury
Length: 127 metres
Passenger Capacity: 92 cabins
Built: 2017/2018
Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed cabins, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge areas that open ...
River Boat

Mekong Pandaw

Ship Capacity
48 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury River Cruising
Length: 60m
Passenger Capacity: 48 pax
Built: 2002 / Refurbished: 2013
Built in Rangoon in 2002 she was sailed round to Saigon under her own ...

Ombak Putih

Ship Capacity
24 berths
Vessel Type: Yacht
Length:  42 metres
Passenger Capacity: 24
Built:  1997 / Refurbished 2015
The Ombak Putih is a traditional Indonesian schooner custom built from Iron wood by Buginese ship ...
River Boat

Pandaw II

Ship Capacity
48 berths
Vessel Type: River Boat
Length: 60 metres
Passenger Capacity: 48
Built / refurbished: 2002
Pandaw II was our first ever new build back in 2001. Though our oldest ship she ...
Luxury Expedition

Silver Discoverer

Ship Capacity
128 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition
Length: 338 Feet/102.9 Metres
Passenger Capacity: 120 passengers
Refurbished: 2016
Her small size and shallow draft allow close-up access to rugged coasts well beyond the reach ...

Star Clipper

Ship Capacity
170 berths
Vessel Type: Tall Ship
Length: 109.7 m
Passenger Capacity: 170
Star Clipper is a gorgeous four-masted ship just 360 feet long and carries only 170 guests in pampered comfort. Star ...
River Boat

Tonle Pandaw

Ship Capacity
56 berths
Vessel Type: Luxury River Cruising
Length: 54.8 m
Passenger Capacity: 56 pax
Built: 2002 / Refurbished: 2013
Modelled on Pandaw II and originally called Pandaw III, the Tonle saw a ...

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