Great Lakes

Great Lakes


Sail Through the Entire Great Lakes Region & See the Beautiful Sights That the Area Has to Offer

Discover North America's Great Lakes on a thrilling expedition cruise along North America’s historic five Great Lakes and the storied St. Lawrence River. Explore British Strongholds, the New England colonies, quaint French Canadian villages, Victorian-era towns rich with seafaring history, and remote islands with spectacular wildlife viewing and fascinating local cultures.

Chicago. Many voyages begin in Chicago, one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the country. Chicago is a vibrant city known for its amazing architecture, cutting edge cultural offerings and rich historical import as the shining metropolis of middle America. 

Lake Huron. Admire the beautiful views of Lake Huron. Cruise past freighters or “Lakers” as they are called by many, while transiting the Detroit and St. Clair River System; a major throughway for vessels traveling between the western and eastern Great Lakes. This river system serves as the border between the U.S. and Canada as it flows through Detroit, under the ambassador bridge, the busiest border crossing in the U.S. and Canada and into Lake Erie.

Welland Canal. Descend the 326 feet of elevation change between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario by traversing the eight mighty locks of the Welland Shipping Canal. Built in 1824 and expanded four times since, this 27 mile segment of the St. Lawrence Seaway is a true marvel of modern technological innovation, built to bypass Niagara Falls and capable of accommodating cargo ships up to 740 feet long. Admire the impressive locks, twinned flight locks, and bridges of various designs

Erie Canal. Enjoy an adventure through the Erie Canal, America’s original commercial highway and an almost unimaginable feat of determination and human ingenuity at the time of its construction in the early 1800s. Cruise the historic waterway that transformed New York City into the economic powerhouse it remains to this day.

The Thousand Islands. Cruise through the stunning Thousand Islands along the St. Lawrence River, part of the international boundary between the US and Canada. Visit tiny Dark Island in Chippewa Bay and maybe even cruise by the stately and elegant Singer Castle. Built as a private home in 1905, the mansion was used for rum-running during Prohibition.

Lake Michigan. These waters are home to a vast variety of wildlife - trout, salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass, crawfish, freshwater sponges and sea lamprey, to name a few. That buffet attracts raptors such as hawks and bald eagles and waterfowl such as duck, swans and geese.

Mackinac Island. Vacationers adore this unique American destination. Its devotees long for the time they can return to their beloved island retreat and truly disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. Clip-clop rhythms of horse hooves soothe the soul, with not a car in sight. The rich aroma of Mackinac's signature treat - its famous fudge - permeates charming shops. This peaceful port draws visitors back year after year. 

Niagara Falls (Port Colborne). Port Colborne's rich maritime history and stunning beachfront point up the beauty of the region. See Earth's raw power on full display during an unforgettable encounter with a natural wonder of the world. Thoughts swirl in the surreal roar of rushing water as it crashes into the jade-green lake below.

If you’re after a small ship cruise or an expedition ship cruise to the Great Lakes region Wild Earth Travel can help you find a trip of a lifetime. We are ready to guide you through our range of different options with impartial advice so you can experience the very best of this unique destination. Our team are all passionate expedition & small cruise ship travellers and our knowledge and stories come from our own personal experiences.

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