The Jakaré

Small Ship Cruise

The Jakaré

Vessel Type: Traditional Phinsi Indonesian Schooner

Length: 30 meters

Passenger Capacity: 10

Built: 2015-2017

Jakaré is a beautiful Indonesian style ship that combines this delightful traditional design with modern western luxuries and comfort. The vessel is 30m long with two white painted masts, an elegant bowsprit and sweeping white curved sides. It was built between 2015 and 2017 by local shipbuilders who created a vessel purpose built for tropical holiday cruising.

On the top deck there is plenty of room to relax on sofas and enjoy each other’s company in the dining room or find some relaxing space on the rear deck. Alcohol is not included in the trip cost but you are welcome to purchase on board.

There are five cabins below deck, providing a range of accommodation for 10 guests. Each cabin has air conditioning and an en-suite. The rear Suite cabin has a unique and beautiful wooden quarterdeck giving direct access to the turquoise waters outside.

There is a setup for diving with two diving compressors, rental diving equipment and snorkeling equipment is available.

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