Antarctica & South Georgia

Antarctica & South Georgia


Discover Antarctica & South Georgia - Enjoy Rugged Landscapes, Breathtaking Sceneries & Abundant Wildlife

Antarctica is considered by many to be the ultimate travel destination. It certainly lives up to the superlatives that have been applied by explorers and travellers. Around its icy shores countless penguins, seals and whales thrive in the bountiful waters that surround and protect Antarctica. Combined with the region’s breathtaking scenery of towering peaks, tumultuous glaciers and ice strewn waters, an expedition to the Antarctic remains one of the most exciting and memorable experiences anywhere.Most travellers sail to the Antarctic from South America. Here the crossing to Antarctica is short, the coast ice free for an extended period of time, the wildlife prolific and the scenery staggeringly beautiful. In addition, expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula and or South Georgia Islands depart between November and March. Early in the season you will encounter a landscape dominated by snow and ice with the penguins and wildlife just starting their breeding season. From mid-December until the end of January, you will enjoy the height of the Antarctic summer when penguin chicks become increasingly independent, whale numbers increase and you will have the longest polar days. In February and March the weather progressively cools but you can expect some of the best whale encounters and beautiful sunsets.

The island of South Georgia is one of the first gateways to the Antarctic, sitting about 1400 km south-west of the Falklands. With its sharp, heavily glaciated peaks and it’s massive 3,903 km2 land mass, South Georgia's rugged landscapes provide fantastic photographic opportunities, it is a real oasis in the stormy Southern Ocean. It is home to an incredible array of wildlife such as penguins, albatrosses, seals, whales and petrels, all in huge numbers. South Georgia has also been identified as an “Important Bird Area”(IBA) by Birdlife International.

Wild Earth Travel has a number of small ship cruises and expeditions to South Georgia and Antarctica available, there are options to visit South Georgia Island on it's own as well, or to combine your visit with a cruise to the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. 

Please feel free to enquire and let the experienced team here at Wild Earth Travel help you find a small ship cruise or active expedition that suits you.

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