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NZ & Australia


Small Ship & Expedition Cruises to New Zealand & Australia. Discover "the Land Down Under" with Wild Earth Travel.

A massive part of the South Pacific dotted with islands Oceania is a region simultaneously divided and united by the sea. Australia and New Zealand are the largest nations down in this part of the world. Their coastlines are legendary and endless, but it’s what goes on inland that makes these places so special. Discover cosmopolitan cities and mist-shrouded volcanoes. Explore vast deserts and isolated communities populated with some of the most interesting people. There are no places like these two countries anywhere else, and they can’t wait to prove it to you.

Australia. Want diversity? Get yourself to Australia. The pristine beaches, rugged terrain and bustling coastal cities in this part of the world are the living embodiment of variety. Enormous forests and deserts, snow-capped mountains and coral reefs teeming with aquatic life show off nature at its very best. The busy, multicultural cities are packed with interesting folks with stories to share. Prepare to have the limits of your imagination expanded tenfold.

New Zealand. New Zealand is an adventure sports junkie's dream. The Tolkien-worthy landscape seems tailor-made for adrenaline, and the country that invented bungee jumping takes their adventure seriously. A magical landscape of wild snow-capped mountains, shining lakes, and roaring rivers offers world-class tramping, hiking, skiing, rafting and kayaking. When you're done, marvel at the thermal wonders of Rotorua or set out in search of whales and dolphins. While there may be more sheep than people, the friendly English-speaking Kiwis will make you wish there were more of them.

If you’re after a small ship cruise or an expedition ship cruise to New Zealand or Australia Wild Earth Travel can help you find a trip of a lifetime. We are ready to guide you through our range of different options with impartial advice so you can experience the very best of these unique destinations. Our team are all passionate expedition & small cruise ship travellers and our knowledge and stories come from our personal experiences.


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