Greek Islands

Greek Islands

Embark on a small ship cruise to the heart of Greece and its idyllic islands, where history and natural beauty blend seamlessly. Discover ancient ruins in Athens, the breathtaking vistas of Santorini, and the rich history of Rhodes and Corfu. Dive into the vibrant culture of Mykonos and explore Mediterranean bliss with pristine beaches and turquoise waters. These cruises offer an intimate way to experience the Greek islands, allowing for stops at lesser-known ports and immersive local experiences. With expert guides and tailored itineraries, you'll enjoy a journey that combines relaxation, education, and adventure, all set against the backdrop of Greece's stunning landscapes and historical sites.


Greek Islands Small Ship Cruises

Mediterranean / Adriatic

Athens to Venice aboard the Star Flyer

12 days from
$AUD 513 per day

  • Adriatic Small Ship CruiseSmall Ship Cruise
  • Athens to Venice aboard the Star Flyer in Adriatic: ship
  • Next departure on June 22, 2025

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