Coral I & II

Small Ship Cruise

Coral I & II

Vessel Type: Yachts

Length: 40m & 24m

Passenger Capacity: 36 & 20

Built: 2005

The sister ships Coral I and Coral II are the perfect combination of classic beauty and exquisite style.

Built in Germany and Holland respectively, each ship surpasses all the standards you would expect from a high-class yacht in order to make your cruise among the enchanted islands extraordinary.

Every cabin features handsome wood decration, along with air-conditioning, a private bathroom, safe deposit box, telephone, and your choice of background music.  Additionally, the Corals have plenty of room to relax with three sundecks (some shaded), a Jacuzzi, comfortable dining room and lounge.

To make sure that all the passengers for the Coral I and Coral II have the same experience, both yachts do the same itinerary. For this reason, passengers can be placed on either yacht.

Cabin layout for Coral I & II

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