Experience the Kaleidoscope of Brilliant Colours That Australia Proudly Showcases

With bright blue skies, immense red deserts, sun-bronzed beaches and vast green wetlands, Australia is big, bold and full of contrasts. Come and experience the kaleidoscope of brilliant colours this country proudly showcases.

The continent of Australia is known for being one of the flattest, hottest and driest places on earth; but despite this there are an astounding variety of terrains and environments on this island nation. While large areas of Australia are covered in desert, there are also tropical rainforests, alpine snowfields, dense bushland, beaches, gorges, lakes and rivers to be found. Australia’s national parks are home to many species of birds and mammals not found in the wild anywhere else in the world including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and wombats. Boasting many stunning white sand beaches, Australia has a coastline like none other. From busy Bondi to surfing icons like Bell’s Beach and Tasmania’s stunning Wineglass Bay, there are endless places to swim, surf, snorkel and paddle. 

Despite Australia’s large landmass, most people tend to live in urban, coastal cities. Faster-paced cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne hold much of the population, as do regional satellite cities such as Albury, Dubbo, Bunbury, Townsville, Newcastle and Geelong.

Outback towns have a unique flavour and a distinct way-of-life; things are slower here and due to smaller populations, space is plentiful with most locals relying on agriculture for a living. Venturing away from the city to visit the outback and rural areas of Australia is highly recommended as it gives travellers the chance to see a different side to Australia.

With a strong history of immigration, modern Australia is made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds. This mix makes Australia an endlessly fascinating place to visit as travellers will be exposed to a variety of different customs and cultures during their stay. From the ancient, spiritual ways of the first nations population to the wide array of faiths, foods and festivals on display in the big cities, Australia is a cultural melting pot. 

Despite the differences, there are many things that unify the people of Australia. Sports, in particular cricket, soccer and football (Australian Rules) are played and watched by the masses, irrespective of age, race, gender or income. Large sporting events like the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup Day and the Boxing Day Cricket Test have universal appeal for Australians. 

Australians relish public holidays, with national and state holidays offering locals time to relax with friends and family over a barbecue or picnic. Making use of Australia’s natural environment is also paramount during this time, with outdoor activities like bushwalking, swimming at the beach or lazing in the park popular with locals.

Some believe that one of the best ways of experiencing a country is by eating! Whether you're sampling street food, savouring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world. Australia is a land that has been built by immigrants and these multicultural influences are evident in the wide array of food available. In the cities it’s possible to find world-class Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Indian restaurants, as well as excellent gastro-pub fare. Head to the outback and you’ll find authentic 'bush tucker', simple campfire meals and sizzling barbecues.

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