Vessel Type: Polar Yacht

Length: 53.5 meters

Passenger Capacity: 12

Built / Refurbished: 1968 / 2021

Nanook means polar bear in the Inuktitut language. Our Nanook is a small ocean-going yacht commissioned in 1968 by Denmark for patrol and assistance missions on the North Sea. Over fifty-three meters long and 10 meters wide, this 1B ice-class vessel is both fast and sturdy—allowing it to easily navigate through ice-choked areas. The Nanook complies with the highest environmental standards through remarkably economical engines running on low amounts of light fuel oil. Our dedication to lower our carbon footprint also extends to favoring local distribution channels. Entirely renovated in 2021, its seven cabins—ranging from 12 to 15 sq. m.—are all equipped with twin or double beds. Comfortable, bright, and comfy common areas welcome you after a full day of thrilling exploration.

Cabin layout for Nanook

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