Our long history of operating in New Guinea and Micronesia allows us to showcase thriving marine ecosystems and rare bird species. Aboard this 21-night voyage, discover the rich tribal cultures of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Truk Lagoon and Yap, intriguing ancestral traditions, and warm local welcomes. Gain admiration for the intricate craftwork and artifacts that celebrate and preserve local cultures. On the island of Pohnpei, take a short accessible walk through the forest to the gushing Kepriohi Waterfall, for a dip beneath the falls. You will be accompanied by our expert guides who will offer interpretation and share knowledge along the way. Dive into crystal-clear waters at most stops, exploring lagoons and pristine biosphere reserves. Onboard, enjoy fresh seasonal delicacies prepared by our chefs and sip on a glass of Australian wines and brews. With an intimate atmosphere and our renowned warm Australian hospitality, this itinerary promises an epic adventure.


• Visit all four states of the Federated States of Micronesia including Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae.

• Traverse the fringing reefs of Ant Atoll to explore the pristine waters and spot several Micronesian birds, which the islet has been rewarded with four endemic birds: Pohnpei parakeet, Pohnpei white-eye, Pohnpei flycatcher and the Pohnpei fantail.

• Discover some of the World War II Japanese wrecks scattered across the floor of Truk Lagoon – warships, merchant ships and aircraft.

• Learn about the unique stone currency and construction techniques of the Yapese people.

• Explore the famed archaeological site Nan Madol at Pohnpei, known as the ‘Venice of the Pacific’.

• Meet the locals that call small remote atolls home and learn about their culture and way of life.

• Be welcomed by lines of happy children and receptions from village Chiefs.

• Snorkel and dive at almost every stop – from world-famous lagoons to remote biosphere reserves.


Start your journey by boarding a direct flight from Cairns to Rabaul. Once you reach Rabaul, sit back and relax at the Rapopo Resort before boarding the ship at 3:00pm with departure set for 4:00pm.

Guests opting for the charter flight will have pre-embarkation details outlined in the pre-cruise documentation, 3 months prior to departure. For guests not taking the charter flight, the meeting venue will be outlined in the pre-cruise departure documentation, also 3 months prior to departure.


Today, you will be introduced to Micronesian culture and protocols. There will be briefings on snorkeling, diving, and other activities including presentations by Guest Lecturers.


Kapingamarangi is the most southerly point of Micronesia and a Polynesian outlier, located some 740km from the main island, the state of Pohnpei. The total area of the atoll including the lagoon is 74km sq, it has 33 wooded Islets on the eastern side and a population of around 500. Here, you will get to visit the local village where islanders are well known for their wooden carvings. There is also the opportunity to purchase handmade souvenirs and swim in the pristine azure waters on our visit.


Kick back and unwind while our crew organises fun activities for you or engage in conversations with newfound friends on board. Alternatively, peruse our well-stocked libraries and choose your favourite book for the day.


The mountainous island of Kosrae is known as the ‘island of the sleeping lady’ and is the easternmost state in the Federated States of Micronesia. Kayak in the mangrove habitats and explore the enigmatic Lelu Ruins site, once an impressive city covering 20 hectares with an extensive canal system, social structure and pyramidal tombs. In the afternoon, enjoy snorkelling and diving. Explore the island by guided jungle walks and visit the Giant Clam Farm or spend time conversing with the local people including a traditional performance.


Enjoy a relaxing day at sea with presentations by our expert Guest Lecturers. For free time, many guests choose to chat with new-found friends, read a book from our onboard library, browse the art gallery or simply gaze out to sea in serene bliss.


Pohnpei formally known as Ponape or Ascension is part of the Sevyavin Islands which are part of the larger Caroline Islands group, part of Pohnpei State on the FSM. The major population centres on Pohnpei are Palikir the FSM Capital and Kolonia the capital of Pohnpei State. Visit the archaeological site of Nan Madol, a stone city with many ocean-filled canals and channels. Known as the ‘Venice of the Pacific’, the ancient city was a royal civilisation in the 12th century. Enjoy a walk to the Kepiho Falls followed by lunch organised by our crew.


Walk through the Ant Atoll biosphere preserve which is recognised by UNESCO and which is owned by the Rohsa (traditional leader/king). Rohsa has refused all attempts to develop this area preferring it to remain in its natural state and is home to a stunning coral reef where you can snorkel or dive. Home to some of the largest colonies of terns, black noddies and frigatebirds in the Pacific, the lagoon also has a thriving population of grey reef sharks. After exploring the island, enjoy an exclusive remote BBQ lunch set up by our crew.


Enjoy a sea day to spend at your leisure. 


With a protective reef of 225km enclosing the natural harbour, Truuk lagoon was the perfect location for Japan’s World War II South Pacific base. It became the site of a major USA attack called Operation Hailstone in Feb 1944, leaving behind many wrecks which now provide world-class wreck diving. This is a great opportunity for certified divers on board to do up to 3 dives and snorkellers to swim over World War II wrecks and coral reef systems. Our Expedition Leader will arrange for a historical guided walk including the abandoned Air Force base on Etten Island.


At Poluwat Atoll, stroll through the local village for a guided look into the lifestyle and culture of the local people. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon swimming in the crystal–clear waters and then treat yourself to afternoon tea and Mimosa’s on a remote uninhabited atoll.  


As we sail to Lamotrek, be welcomed into the village with leis, local dancing and singing. Local guides will then take you around the village to learn about medicines and local crafts. Lamotrek is a coral atoll made up of three Islands Falaite, Pugue and Lamotrek, it sits in the central Caroline Islands in the Pacific Ocean part of the Yap district state in FSM. Here, witness demonstrations of weaving and the creation of traditional foods as well as you can go canoe sailing with the locals or enjoy a snorkel/swim or dive on the nearby reef systems.


One of the most traditional villages in Micronesia, Ifalik is determined to maintain a cultural integrity that we are privileged to experience. It is located 700 km southeast of Yap Island. The total land area is 1.47sq. km but has a large lagoon for guests to visit. Learn the history behind Ifalik being known as a “warrior island”. Before European contact, its warriors invaded the outer islands in Yap as well as some of the outer islands in Chuuk. Be welcomed by villagers in traditional/ceremonial headdresses and later enjoy a guided walk where you can watch and try the local art of weaving and basket making.  Enjoy another spectacular snorkel/swim or dive as well as bird watching on a remote beach.


During your day at sea, relax and treat yourself to gourmet dining experiences, savoring delights prepared by our talented chefs. 


Spend your day at Yap by visiting the village of Kaday with local guides- home to the Stone Money Bank. Yap State is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia. The main island of Yap is famous for its stone currency – limestone discs (Rai) spanning in size from 4m to 4cm in diameter. Experience the famous Bamboo dance performed by young dancers and spend the rest of your day snorkelling or diving with local guides.  


Enjoy a relaxing day at sea with presentations by our expert Guest Lecturers. You will hear about the fascinating history of Micronesia and the islands you are going to visit. Explore our extensive onboard library, while the hours away with a selection of games or simply gaze over the seas. 


Officially the Republic of Palau is an Island country in the Micronesian sub region of Oceania in the western pacific, the republic consists of 340 Islands and connects the chain of the Caroline Islands with parts of the FSM. While the ship is anchored in Koror, certified divers have the opportunity to embark on 1 or 2 dives guided by locals. For those preferring snorkeling, explore the stunning Rock Island with local guides. Additionally, immerse yourself in the city’s culture with a guided tour, including a visit to the excellent local museum.


Relax on deck with onboard presentations from our Guest Lecturers, workshops, and demonstrations.  


Meet with local rangers for insights into turtle conservation efforts before embarking on a guided nature walk. Engage in birdwatching activities and then dive into the nearby reef systems for an unforgettable snorkelling, swimming, or diving experience. Located in the southwest Islands of Palau, Helen Reef is a large, enclosed Atoll with extensive reef flats and a large channel complex and a small Island that is a critical sea turtle nesting site and a nesting site for many sea bird species.


Enjoy a relaxing day at sea with presentations by our expert Guest Lecturers. For free time, many guests choose to chat with new-found friends, read a book from our onboard library, browse the art gallery or simply enjoy gazing out across the ocean.


We arrive at Sorong and prepare for a 10:00am disembarkation. Our crew will be there to help with additional information about charter flights. Guests can opt for a local Sorong tour with our guides who can share stories about its history and culture.

This itinerary is an indication of the destinations we visit and activities on offer. Throughout the expedition we may make changes to the itinerary as necessary to maximise your expeditionary experience. Allowances may be made for seasonal variations, weather, tidal conditions, and any other event that may affect the operation of the vessel. 


$25,900 AUD pp
Coral Deck Staterooms are located below the Promenade Deck and furnished with a junior King size bed which can be separated into two singles. A wardrobe, desk and armchair are included. The compact ensuite has a toilet, shower and ample storage. A porthole window gives you views of the world outside. Coral Deck Staterooms are 17 square metres


$30,600 AUD pp
Promenade Deck Staterooms are located below the Explorer Deck and are furnished with a junior King size bed which can be separated into two singles. A wardrobe, desk and armchair are included. The compact ensuite has a toilet, shower and ample storage. A large picture window gives you wide views of the world outside. Promenade Deck Staterooms are 17 square metres


$39,400 AUD pp
Our Explorer Deck staterooms are located below the Bridge Deck and are comfortably furnished with a junior King size bed which can be separated into two singles. A wardrobe, desk and armchair are included. The compact ensuite has a toilet, shower and ample storage. Your private balcony has seating for two from which to view the passing coastal vistas. Explorer Deck Balcony Staterooms are 21.4 square metres


$42,700 AUD pp
Our two Bridge Deck staterooms are comfortably furnished with a junior King size bed which can be separated into two singles. A wardrobe, desk and armchair are included. The compact ensuite has a toilet, shower and ample storage. French windows opening to a balcony with seating for two gives you a private perch to watch the panorama unfold outside. These staterooms are located on the bridge deck with superb views and adjacent to the Cairns and Darwin suites. Bridge Deck Balcony Staterooms are 21.4 square metres


$53,900 AUD pp
Our two Cairns and Darwin suites are spacious and elegant retreats after a busy day ashore. Suites are equipped with a lounge area, minibar and personal coffee machine. They have a spacious super King-sized bed. The 8 square metre private balcony has an outdoor daybed and lounge chair for two. A unique outside-facing bathroom with picture windows, bath and separate shower complete the suite experience. The complimentary minibar is replenished daily. Bridge Deck Balcony Suites are 55.8 square metres.

Vessel Type: Expedition Ship

Length: 93.4 meters

Passenger Capacity: 120 (60 staterooms)

Built: 2019

Designed and built to be the most modern tropical expedition ship afloat, Coral Adventurer debuted in April 2019. She features comfortable Australian interiors, Xplorer tender mechanism, intimate guest experience, and personalized service.


> Two trademark Xplorer tenders seat all passengers for shore excursions

> Six zodiacs for more intrepid exploration

> Lecture lounge with multimedia for daily expedition briefings and presentations

> Small on-board Library

> Shallow draft and advanced navigation and propulsion systems


> Navigator lounge in the bridge giving a vantage point of ship operations

> Over 1000 sq m of open deck space including a wrap-around promenade deck with panoramic views

> Engine room tours and high level of crew interaction with guests

> Barralong Room for hosting scientific research or exhibitions


> Communal ‘wine table’

> Galley viewing window

> Multiple indoor and outdoor bars, including our Explorer bar on the Vista Deck

> Curated wine cellar featuring boutique wines and exceptional vintage Australian reds.


> All outside-facing guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms; majority have private balcony

> Active stabilisers

> Gym

> Passenger elevator

> Wi-Fi available in all guest areas

Cabin layout for Coral Adventurer


• All excursions with our Expedition Team
• Use of Xplorer, Zodiacs and Kayaks
• Snorkelling & SCUBA equipment (SCUBA diving at an additional cost)
• Daily lectures and briefings with Guest Lecturers
• All meals, chef-prepared on board
• Captain’s welcome and farewell events, and open bridge access
• Selected wines, selected beers and house spirits, juices, and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner
• 24-hour barista-style coffee and tea station
• All entrance fees to National Parks, ports, traditional owner fees and charges imposed by governing authorities
• Tips and gratuities
• Use of all onboard facilities, incl. a reference library
• Your expedition photos captured during the voyage
• Post-cruise transfers
• Wifi Access – Standard speed connectivity enabling email, social image sharing, web browsing and messaging
• Pre and post cruise flights/charter flights
• Pre and post cruise transfers


• Pre-cruise transfers
• Pre and post cruise flights/charter flights
• Pre and post cruise accommodation
• Travel Insurance
• SCUBA Diving (view Scuba diving rates)
• Entry visas & travel permits for the country you are travelling to/from
• Alcoholic drinks (including beer and wine) outside of lunch and dinner service
• Laundry service (available at a cost)
• Items of a personal nature such souvenir purchases
• Optional Extras (in some destinations)
Coral Adventurer
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$25,900 AUD pp

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