Nemo I, II & III

Small Ship Cruise

Nemo I, II & III

Vessel Type: Catamaran

Length: 24.90m/21.88m/23m

Passenger Capacity: 14 - 16


With a length of 24.90 meters and a width of 10 meters, this Catamaran reaches 10 knots and accommodates up to 14 guests in comfortable cabins.
NEMO Galapagos cruises are known among the community for having exceptional service and that is portrayed without fail on NEMO I. Your Galapagos Islands vacation will be the best option for traveling the islands. NEMO I is a Galapagos cruise that is thorough and makes sure their clients leave pleased. NEMO I also known as NEMO Martinique takes you on an unforgettable Galapagos cruise through the islands. NEMO I guarantees that your Galapagos Islands vacation goes off without a hitch from day 1. This Galapagos cruise has comfortable accommodations and excellent local recipes that give you a taste of the cuisine of Ecuador. Our friendly captain and crew are all experienced in Galapagos cruises and provide you with the care and attentiveness that you cannot find elsewhere. Have a flawless Galapagos Islands vacation aboard NEMO I. All Galapagos cruises are memorable but with NEMO I you get over 30 years of experience and a record of happy customers. NEMO I takes extreme care of their passengers and aims to insure that your Galapagos cruise is unforgettable.


With a length of 21.88 meters and a width of 10.39 meters, this Catamaran reaches 10 knots and accommodates up to 14 guests in comfortable cabins.
The majestic NEMO II is a Galapagos cruise that surpasses many with the comfort of fully equipped updated accommodations. This vessel has gone under recent renovations guaranteeing a beyond enjoyable Galapagos islands vacation. When you take into account other Galapagos cruises, you make sure that it satisfies all your needs and fulfills your aspirations for what this Galapagos Islands vacation should accomplish. NEMO II is an excellent Galapagos cruise that island hops and has a detailed itinerary covering all the features that the islands have to offer including the incredible world renowned flora and fauna that should be a part of any Galapagos Islands vacation. Galapagos cruises have the incredible advantage of being able to take passengers to view the exotic animals and plant life with ease from the convenience of a yacht. NEMO II is an intimate Galapagos cruise that takes you up close and personal with wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world. Galapagos cruises are a total experience that you will return home remembering how enthralling this treasured vacation was, so choose wisely!


With a length of 23 meters and a width of 11.40 meters, this Catamaran reaches 10 knots and accommodates up to 16 guests in comfortable cabins.
The luxurious NEMO III will make for an incredible Galapagos Islands vacation. This vessel takes extreme pride in providing the utmost service for their passengers on every Galapagos cruise. NEMO III executes impeccable Galapagos cruises year long and there is never a lull in their immaculate service. NEMO III has up to date features throughout and offers additional perks such as an onboard Jacuzzi on the sundeck making it a deluxe Galapagos Islands vacation. NEMO Galapagos cruises serves 3 meals a day and along with snacks after each excursion. NEMO III Galapagos cruise offers an excellent balance between the comforts of a yacht and an intimate look of the incredible nature on the islands. NEMO Galapagos knows that you want to make sure your Galapagos Islands vacation is the standout against all other trips. With a NEMO Galapagos cruise you will fully understand the hype surrounding these exotic islands. NEMO Galapagos puts the passenger’s needs above everything else. Aboard NEMO III you will experience just that and be confident in your choice amongst the repertoire of Galapagos cruises.

Cabin layout for Nemo I, II & III

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