Ducret - Congo

Ducret - Congo

Vessel Type: River Expedition Vessel / Boutique Hotel Ship

Length: 170 feet / 52 meters

Passenger Capacity: 28

Built: 2014

The ship lwas built in a Belgian run shipyard in Kinshasa in 2017. It takes the form of the passenger ships that have for decades transported passengers on the Congo River and its tributaries between the different capitals of Central Africa. With a robust steel construction, she is powered by two new-generation 380 HP Caterpillar engines, thus reducing noise pollution and fuel consumption. Its draft of 90 centimeters allows it to navigate easily on shallow rivers.

In 2022/2023, she was refitted to launch the first 4* safari cruises in the heart of one of the most mysterious forests in the world, the Congo Basin forest. Its renovation into a comfortable 4-star Boutique Hotel Ship launches a new era for the development of sustainable tourism in the Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville).

In June 2023 she began the first cruises on the Congo and Sangha rivers, thus reviving the long tradition of river navigation in the Congo.

ON BOARD LIVING AND SOCIAL AREAS: 600 m² of common areas

Dining room

Indoor bar and lounge

Outdoor lounge

Outdoor jacuzzi

Massage Room

Observation Deck


18, including a cruise director and 3 naturalist guides.


A culinary experience nourished by African and European influences

A menu specially prepared by a French Chef rewarded for his work with a Michelin star in 2021

Local products and fine wine.


Two auxiliary aluminum launch boats equipped with four-stroke low emission engines. Each boat has a capacity of 15 passengers.

Kayaks for two people


Passengers are accommodated in 14 Design cabins across three decks.

Cabin layout for Ducret - Congo

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