When Should I visit the Kimberley?

Timing is everything when it comes to exploring this ancient wonderland

When Should I visit the Kimberley?

28 June, 2022

Part of the Kimberley charm is the way it is able to magically transform from wet to dry throughout the year, so timing is crucial to creating the experience that’s right for you.

April-Sept (Dry Season)

Travel advice: Go for it! Now is generally the best time of year to travel to the Kimberley as the weather is characterised by warm sunny days, cool nights & low humidity. The vast majority of cruises will only operate in the Dry Season.

Travel now if you:

  • Like consistently good weather

  • Don’t mind the crowds. The dry season Includes the peak season (with July usually the busiest month), so you may need to book in advance for many things.

  • NOTE: May or September are good times to go if you want to avoid the peak of the crowds, but still want to enjoy the best of the weather

 Oct-Dec (Build-up Season)

Travel advice: Take your chances...The weather may influence your trip at this time of the year, as it starts to warm up and become humid in preparation for the Wet Season. If you’re looking for a cruise, you may be able to get on an October voyage, but generally there will not be any sailings for now until the Dry Season next year.

Travel now if:

  •  You don’t mind the heat. This is the hottest time of the year with the average daily maximum spanning from high 30s to low 40s degrees Celsius.

  • Like bird watching – the wetlands particularly come to life that this time of the year

  • Don’t mind a spot of fishing – you can almost bet your dinner on catching something at this time of the year

  •  Love to watch a good storm roll by. The higher humidity bring with it some pretty spectacular thunderstorm activity




 Dec – Mar (Wet Season)

Travel advice: Perhaps hold-off for now...It's not generally not recommended you travel to the Kimberley during the Wet Season becuase, you guested it, you’ll be in for rain, rain and more rain!

Around 80% of the annual Kimberley rain falls in this period, which means there’s less chance to get out and about and more chance of being trapped in by road closures. Many of the tourist operators and almost all of the cruise operators ‘shut up shop’ at this time of year too, and so it is not generally recommended you travel here at this time of year, unless of course, you’d like to have the place to yourself!


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