Le Commandant Charcot Ship Inspection

Luxury Polar Expedition at its Best

Le Commandant Charcot Ship Inspection

06 March, 2024

Are you looking for a luxury polar experience? Le Commandant Charcot will not disappoint.

Karon and I were lucky enough to enjoy an overnight ship inspection as the Charcot (as she is affectionately known) docked in Lyttleton Harbour, NZ and did wonder how we might stow away as she made her way to Antarctica…The high-end spec and attention to detail cannot be flawed, but there is also the element of discovery and expedition that goes hand-in-hand with the ship’s namesake Jean-Baptiste Charcot, who was a French scientist and explorer whose motto to life was ‘why not’.

Five reasons why the Charcot stands out?

Adventure. The Charcot is the first passenger ship to have visited both the Geographic North Pole and reached the most southerly point on the planet in Antarctica. It is the only passenger ship in the world with a Polar Class 2 hull, which allows for navigation through multiyear ice.

Luxury. For those who enjoy their on-board amenities, on top of an impressive gym, bar and theatre there is a cigar and whiskey bar, indoor and outdoor pools, spa, sauna and even a snow room!

Discovery. It might be considered a luxury experience, but there is an equalled emphasis on expedition with zodiac cruising, as well as fascinating talks and lectures. There is also around 20 naturalist guides per departure, which is considered one of the best ratios for this type of trip

Power. The Charcot was one of the first hybrid electric polar exploration ships, featuring advanced technology for sustainable cruising in environmentally sensitive areas. It is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system combining liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electric batteries, reducing its environmental footprint compared to traditional vessels.

People. The staff are welcoming and like the ship, operate like a well-poled machine. There is definitely a French vibe on-board which filtered down from the quirky captain Patrick to the whole-hearted dedication to hospitality and gastronomy. Having said that, English comes as second nature so there is no language barrier.

The entire Wild Earth team has experienced the wonders of Le Commandant Charcot, so if you have any questions about the ship of her voyages, please do not hesitate to reach out – [email protected]

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