Expeditioning Antarctica

When is the Best Time to Go?

Expeditioning Antarctica

01 May, 2024

The best (only) time to experience the White Continent is from October to March when visitors receive warmer weather and maximum daylight hours (the sun doesn’t actually set from around mid-November to mid-February). Conversely, during the winter months (late-April to late-August), you’ll find pitch darkness and experience the most extreme of sub zero temperatures, which is why no expedition voyages are offered at this time of the year.

Within the Antarctic season, you may want to consider the following times to explore:

Oct/Nov: Best to view nesting penguins, snow cover and pristine landscapes.

Dec/Jan: Penguin eggs hatch, humpback whales return & Ross Sea expeditions depart.

Feb/Mar: Best for whale watching in the Peninsula, photography and Antarctic Circle crossings. The last of the Ross Sea expeditions start.

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