Canal vs River Cruising Europe

Why you should choose canal cruising

Canal vs River Cruising Europe

15 April, 2024

Why might you consider canal cruising over river cruising through Euope? 

Luxury canal or barge cruising through Europe offers a unique and intimate way to experience Europe’s waterways. Here are some reasons why you might consider it as an alternative to river cruising:

Intimacy and Exclusivity: Barge cruises typically accommodate fewer passengers (8-18 passengers can be the norm on these vessels) compared to river cruises (passengers can be in the hundreds), offering a personalised attention from the crew and a close-knit atmosphere among fellow travellers.

The road less travelled: While river cruises often follow major waterways, barge cruises can navigate narrower canals and less-travelled routes, offering a different perspective of Europe's landscapes and allowing access to charming villages and countryside that larger vessels can't reach.

Slow Travel: Barge cruises move at a leisurely pace, allowing passengers to fully immerse themselves in the scenery and culture of each destination.

Culinary Experience: Luxury barge cruises often focus on gourmet dining experiences, with onboard chefs preparing meals using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Guests can expect high-quality cuisine paired with fine wines, showcasing the culinary traditions of the regions visited.

Customised Itineraries: Barge cruises can offer more flexibility in their itineraries, allowing for customised experiences tailored to passengers' preferences. This may include private excursions, special events, or unique activities based on the interests of the group.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Barge cruises often foster a relaxed and informal atmosphere, where guests can unwind and enjoy the journey at their own pace. There's typically less emphasis on formal attire and more focus on comfort and enjoyment.

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