The coastlines of the Aegean Sea are home to some of the most pristine and beautiful bays and coves, truly idyllic vacation spots. The Blue Voyage was first made famous here where cross winds are excellent for sailing, the bays are secluded and merge with dramatic pine forested coast lines.

The footprints of cultures from the Greeks and Romans to crusading medieval knights, and from Byzantine and Ottoman potentates to 20th-century Italian bureaucrats, are all found here along this rich coastline of Turkeys.

Wake up on board to the warm Aegean sun and crystal clear waters each morning, relax into the rhythm of life on the sea, and enjoy some wonderful sailing between the islands. Disembark to explore the picturesque towns and harbors, boutique shopping, fabulous culinary experiences, and to soak up the unique atmosphere of Aegean Turkey.

While away your time on board relaxing, dining with your friends and group, reading, pulling anchor to explore some of the stunning bays for swimming whenever the mood takes you. Throughout your trip you will be wonderfully looked after by our excellent crew.

Guests book deluxe cabin-only which offers a cruise holiday experience like no other with all the 5-star comfort and luxury amenities of a private charter. This affordable vacation option is ideal for singles, couples or small groups. Children from 8 years of age are welcome. The guests you join on board are international, and we bring together like-minded travellers, often of similar ages, in order to create the best shared experience possible.

Price includes:

• breakfast, lunch and dinner
• afternoon snacks, all non alcoholic drinks & local alcoholic beer & wines)
• sport activities on board
• wifi
• towels and beach towels
Transfer to the charming Bodrum harbor and board your luxurious sailing yacht in the afternoon. Your captain and crew will be waiting for you on board. Spend the first night on board in the Bodrum harbor or in a bay close by.
Leave Bodrum sailing across the Gulf of Gokova to the site of Knidos, the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Knidos is famous in antiquity for the cult of Aphrodite started there. Situated at the end of the Datca peninsula, this Dorian city was built on terraces rising to the acropolis. Straddling the peninsula, it had a harbour on either side, and flourished during the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. The site was excavated in 1857 by C. T. Newton and from 1967 by Iris Love. Famous as a center of art and culture in the fourth century BC, Knidos was established at the same time that Halicarnassus was, as one of the six Dorian colonies in Asia Minor. It seems to have kept a purer Greek character, no doubt because it set its sights seaward and had little contact with the interior. Around 360 BC, the city was rebuilt at the windblown tip of the peninsula, banking on the fact that a good harbor at the outer corner of Asia Minor would become a popular calling-port for ships on the Aegean - East Mediterranean transit routes. The rocky island facing the shore at the new site was joined to the mainland with a causeway, creating two deep harbors on either side of the isthmus: one on the Aegean and the other on the Mediterranean. The island section held the residential quarters, a series of colonnaded walkways rose in tiers on the land. Two large theaters, an odeon and three temples completed what must have been a striking ensemble in the midst of a desolate crag. The remains of a circular temple dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite overlook remains of the two harbors: the arcaded way was built of white marble heart - shaped columns. The legendary Aphrodite of Praxiteles statue, reputedly one of the most beautiful sculptures of the antiquity, once graced this temple. The city was renowned as one of the most beautiful in ancient Greece. In the early evening moor near the idyllic Kargi Bay.
Early morning set sail to picturesque resort of Datça. Enjoy a stroll through town, offering some lovely shopping and cafés. Renowned for its natural beauty and climate, this town provides a window into the life of rural Turkey of 50 to 100 years ago. Village life is still based on agriculture, fishing, and the building of the gulet (the traditional 2-masted Turkish wooden sailing vessel). Pine, oak, and myrtle filled mountains plunge down to a serene beach and two natural harbors. Sail into the Gulf of Hisaronu with a mountainous coastline that offers numerous anchorages within. Stretching for 30 nautical miles into the Aegean Sea between the Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes, this gulf provides a sailing paradise with late morning winds and deep blue seas with secluded coves, rugged mountains as a backdrop, and small tranquil villages. The crosswinds in this region are excellent for sailing. Cruise to Ciftlik Bay, a hidden cove with a small sandy beach, half way up the Datca peninsula. Bencik Bay resembles a miniature fjord. The inlet extends inland about 1.5 nautical miles and has steep wooded slopes on either side. Bencik is located at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides the Hisaronu Gulf from the Gokova Gulf.
Cruise into the wide Bay of Selimiye, one of the safest natural harbours in the Gulf of Hisarönü. Surrounded by magnificent scenery and largely unspoiled, Selimiye village seems as though it was frozen in time. You have a chance to walk around before cruising to Bozburun, a quiet little fishing village. It is used to be the center of sponge diving along the Turkish coast, but nowadays locals here earn their living in a much less dangerous way by building the typical broad-beamed wooden gulets.
Depart for the Bay of Bozukkale, which means ‘broken castle’ as one side of the castle is missing. The entrance to the bay is guarded by an ancient citadel 350 meters long and 30 meters wide. In ancient times it was known as the city of Loryma and throughout history this port was used bythe Greek navy forces during Peloponnese Sea. The Colossus, at nearby Rhodes, was built to celebrate the defeat of Antigonus’ invasion force in 305 B.C. It was in Bozukkale Bay that the invasion fleet was assembled. Hike up to the ruins for some spectacular views of the Greek Islands of Simi and Rhodes.
Cruise to this, the most western anchorage in the Gulf of Hisaronu. Palamutbuku is well known for its sparkling clean sea, fresh fish, and delicious locally grown almonds which are produced locally. From here, sail to Mersincik in the Gulf of Gokova; a stunning bay ringed with high mountains and woods, its clear waters and seclusion make it a favorite spot for spending the night.
This morning cross the Gulf of Gokova to the pine-clad Bay of Kesibükü. Take advantage of the calm morning hours, sailing smoothly along the Gokova shores. Opt for a stop at Orak Island. Late afternoon come into the Bodrum harbor, or continue to the attractive bay of Ada Bogazi for night.
Disembark after breakfast.
Route applies according to weather changes at the discretion of the captain.

Master cabin

Master cabin
ALL LUXURY CABINS OFFER: 5 star luxury standards En suite bathrooms with flush w/c & enclosed shower Spacious cabins Flat screen TV, DVD hook up & movie library Free WiFi Stereo system/ iPod dock Orthopedic beds & pillows 100% fine cotton linen and fluffy towels

Classic double/twin cabin

€1,202 EUR pp
Classic double/twin cabin
ALL LUXURY CABINS OFFER: 5 star luxury standards En suite bathrooms with flush w/c & enclosed shower Spacious cabins Flat screen TV, DVD hook up & movie library Free WiFi Stereo system/ iPod dock Orthopedic beds & pillows 100% fine cotton linen and fluffy towels

Classic double/twin cabin

€1,125 EUR pp
Classic double/twin cabin
ALL LUXURY CABINS OFFER: 5 star luxury standards En suite bathrooms with flush w/c & enclosed shower Spacious cabins Flat screen TV, DVD hook up & movie library Free WiFi Stereo system/ iPod dock Orthopedic beds & pillows 100% fine cotton linen and fluffy towels

Master cabin

€1,685 EUR pp
Master cabin
ALL LUXURY CABINS OFFER: 5 star luxury standards En suite bathrooms with flush w/c & enclosed shower Spacious cabins Flat screen TV, DVD hook up & movie library Free WiFi Stereo system/ iPod dock Orthopedic beds & pillows 100% fine cotton linen and fluffy towels

Myra or Similar

Vessel Type: Gulet Yacht

Length: 25 metres

Passenger Capacity: 10

The luxury sailing Gulet yacht M/S Myra’s antique design is integrated with spacious fore, side and aft decks, up-to-date nautical equipment, outdoor dining area, cushioned lounging areas, sun mattresses, tenting to protect from the sun, plus other contemporary comforts. The interior features elegant living quarters with high ceilings, wide corridors and full air conditioning. The lounge includes stocked bar, cushioned seating, and a table for indoor dining. Accommodations consist of airy cabins with king, queen and single-sized beds and 1 master cabin with a king-sized bed. Each cabin has generous storage space, and a roomy en suite bathroom with toilet, shower, marble sink, and vanity. Crew has separate quarters.

Comfort On Board

Lounge with fully stocked bar and ice maker, indoor dining facilities, fully equipped galley, air conditioning, generous closet and storage space, reading lights above the beds, bathroom with enclosed shower, hot and cold water, flush toilet, marble sink with vanity, towels (face, hand, bath and beach), bathrobes, hair dryer. On deck there are easy access swim ladders & outdoor shower.

Activities On Board

Snorkel and water-ski equipment for all ages, 1 kayak, flotation devices, and fishing equipment. Television with DVD player, CD player with iPod connection, speakers below and on deck, backgammon, chess, playing cards and yoga mats.

Wi-Fi & Phones

Cell phone coverage and free WiFi connection for up to 15 GB is available on board. Over and above that, the rental price for an external modem, which we can arrange, costs approximately 50 Euro per week.


Air conditioning may run continuously in Turkish ports. Greek ports do not provide enough voltage necessary for air conditioning so generators are used until midnight. (Harbor regulations forbid generator noise after this time.) For safety reasons, even if the yacht is completely isolated in a cove, the generator cannot be left on for 24 continuous hours, as the engine room must be manned while the generator is in use.

Cabin layout for Myra or Similar


Voyage on board in selected cabin cateogry
All meals while on board
Non-alcoholic beverages
Local beer and wine
Harbour fees
Arrival transfer between airport and port


International and domestic flights
Travel Insurance
Passport and visa costs where applicable
Alcoholic beverages not mentioned in inclusions
Jetskiing, paragliding, parasailing & scuba diving
Optional shore excursions where entrance fees are required or the service of a guide and /or overland transport
Optional restaurant dining off the yacht is not included in the charter price, but meals off board will be deducted from the catering fees
8 Days from
€1,125 EUR pp


• Set sail across the blue expanse of the Gulf of Gokova for the ancient site of Knidos where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet.
• Visit Eski Datca, a quaint town of traditional stone architecture and atmospheric side streets.
• Enjoy exploring the enchanting Gulf of Hisaronu.

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