This is a journey under the tropical sun that lets you combine excursions into the Amazon rainforest with visits to tropical beaches and UNESCO Heritage sites, paradise islands with exciting wildlife and lively cities. You embark in Belém, a city that lies on the bank of the river Para, part of the extensive river system of the Amazon basin. The region of Amazonia has the tropical climate of the South American equatorial area and is home to an impressive diversity of species in its tropical rainforest. After embarkation, MS Midnatsol sets a southern course for an adventure along the stunning coast of Brazil.

Tropical delights
After a relaxed day at sea, we visit São Luís. Explore the UNESCO listed centre, with its enchanting neighbourhood of steamy cobbled streets and pastel-coloured colonial mansions. Then enjoy a little slice of paradise as we visit Fernando de Norhona. This fabled eco-wonderland has clear turquoise water, lush tropical landscapes, and the best beaches in Brazil. They say even the sharks are friendly here. Choose from various excursions or explore on your own.

A feast for the senses
Back on board, you can enjoy a full day on the sundeck until our next stop, Salvador. This is a city that engages all your senses, as you experience churches with gold-encrusted panels, the exotic and inviting scents and tastes of the African-influenced food, and the sounds of street vendors shouting – all to the background of roaring traffic and pulse of distinctive Bahian music.

Wind down as we check out the charming town Paraty, which is surrounded by islands, sheltered beaches and steep, jungled mountains. Spend another day at sea before disembarkation in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Belém lies on the bank of the river Para, part of the extensive river system of the Amazon basin. Strolling the town, you will come across great squares, a fantastic market and several historic buildings set along broad avenues. Belém was called "the city of mango trees", and you will still find many of them in the streets and parks. The harbour is situated at 1° 27’S, almost on the Equator - and this is where MS Midnatsol is waiting for you, ready to take set out on an expedition along the tropical coast of Brazil.
Enjoy the first Day on board! Our knowledgeable expedition team will start the lecture program covering topics related to the area we sail in. History and the great explorers, marine biology, oceanography, climate change and the environmental challenges our ocean faces are just some of the fascinating things you can hear more about. Spend some time on deck and enjoy the sun and the warm temperature, observe the passing shoreline and look out for wildlife as we make out way south.
São Luís is situated at the Ilha de São Luís, separated from the mainland by narrow channels. The historic centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and contains more than 3,500 colonial mansions. It’s a super charming area with a unique atmosphere: cobbled streets, pastel-coloured houses and a great concentration of museums, galleries and craft stores. Join the optional excursion to Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, considered as one of the most beautiful places along the Brazilian coastline. With sand dunes so vast and blindingly white it is easy to see how the park got its name. In Portuguese, Lençóis Maranhenses means “bedsheets of Maranahão”. Half-moon shaped sand dunes, wave after wave with shimmering white sand, a sea of sand dunes that covers 70 km of coastline and advances 50 km inland.
Sea Days are great for relaxing. MS Midnatsol has plenty of space for you to find your perfect place overlooking the ocean to enjoy a good conversations or a good book. Catch the sunset or the sunrise and watch the sky and ocean turning into beautiful red and orange colours. Look out for seabirds and marine wildlife breaking the water surface. For those who want more activities, join our expedition team as they continue the lecture program and learn more about Brazil, its nature, its history and geography. Visit the on board gym and work out while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Spectacular tropical landscapes, stunning marine life, dramatic rock formations, amazing white beaches with turquoise waters and priceless sunsets. Fernando de Noronha is an island paradise and a protected eco-wonderland, a favourite of naturalists and marine biologists. The island is luxuriously warm and the unsullied emerald waters are teeming with dolphins and turtles. About 70 % of the island is a protected marine park by UNESCO, and the island itself is also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the island and find your picture-perfect beach. For those who want to be active, it’s a wonderful place for activities both on water and on land, from snorkelling to hiking.
As we continue south along the Brazilian coast, there will be two more Days spent at sea. By now you will have realized that these sea Days are anything but boring! Take your time to wake up, spend a bit more time with your breakfast, and then enjoy watching wildlife from deck. Then gain more insight from the talks with our lecture team, before spending time with old or new friends or relax in solitude with a good book.
Salvador is a treat for all your senses, with its amazing architecture, the exotic scents and tastes of the African-influenced food, and the sounds of the distinctive Bahian music. The city is divided into upper and lower towns, connected by an art deco elevator (Elevador Lacerda). The marketplace at the bottom of Elevador Lacerda is well known for its local art. The historic centre of Salvador, ‘The Pelourinho’, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and is a famous example of impressive Portuguese colonial architecture. The city also has an amazing number of churches. Salvador was a significant centre for the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 18th century. ToDay, nearly 80% of the city’s inhabitants have African roots and the influence of African culture can be seen in the city’s music and cuisine.
Sea Days on MS Midnatsol are anything but boring! You have the freedom to choose complete relaxation, or take advantage of every activity on board. As on previous sea Days, the choices are many. The temperature on deck should be inviting, while fascinating lectures from the Expedition team are scheduled inside, and there are good opportunities to share photos and experiences with your fellow adventurers.
The UNESCO World Heritage town of Paraty is remarkably beautiful, and is one of Brazil’s most appealing and exquisitely preserved historical gems! Its colonial centre invites delightful strolls on cobblestone streets among elegant white buildings. The city is surrounded by stunning beaches, volcanic formations, steep mountains and hills covered in palm trees. With our excursions you can venture into the jungle to see waterfalls, join a scenic schooner cruise or explore picturesque fishing villages.
You have now sailed close to the full coastline of Brazil, and our adventure is slowly coming to an end. There will be a farewell dinner on the final night.
Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, is located at the mouth of the river Rio de la Plata and the harbour is located very close to the city centre. Why not explore the town on your own after embarkation? Montevideo has a sly sophistication and surprising cultural diversity for such a small population, boasting a picturesque blend of colonial Spanish, Italian and Art Deco architecture. We recommend a visit to the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town), the bustling Avenida 18 de Julio or one of the white, sandy beaches surrounding the city. If by then, you´re ready for a change from sun and warm weather, you could always stay on the ship for its next expedition as we head even further south – to Antarctica.
Even in tropical waters, weather and wind conditions determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with us is unique.

Polar Inside. From

£ 2464 GBP pp
Polar Inside. From
Inside cabin, 6 – 10 m2 (65 – 108 sq ft) separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa. Some with upper / lower berths.

Polar Outside. From

£ 2538 GBP pp
Polar Outside. From
Outside cabin, 7 – 13 m2 (75-140 sq ft), with portholes, separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa.Some with upper/lower berths.

Arctic Superior. From

£ 2895 GBP pp
Arctic Superior. From
Outside cabin, 8 – 13 m2 (86-140 sq ft), these cabins have separate beds where one doubles as a sofa. Upper and middle decks.

Minisuite. From

£ 3635 GBP pp
Minisuite. From
Minisuite with double bed, 18 – 20 m2 (194-215 sq ft), seating area, TV, mini-bar.

Expedition Suite. From

£ 4311 GBP pp
Expedition Suite. From
Suite, 28 – 30 m2 (301-323 sq ft), one or two rooms, seating area, TV, mini-bar, some with private balcony.


Vessel Type: Expedition

Length: 136m

Passenger Capacity: 970

Built: 2003

MS Midnatsol has a strong environmental profile and a modern design. The interior’s bright, colourful décor is inspired by the warm sunny climate, a motif also reflected in the many pieces of Norwegian modern art on display. She is also a TV star, being featured in the award winning documentary "Hurtigruten 365", made by Norwegian TV. On deck 9 you find the sun deck and a Jacuzzi. Key qualities of the MS Midnatsol include the large, two-story panorama lounge above the bow, and the large glass expanses that allow natural light to enter, while providing extraordinary views.

MS Midnatsol is an ice class 1X ship and equipped with advanced technology, making her very well suited for expedition voyages in Antarctica.

  • Two-story panorama lounge 
  • Bars 
  • Café 
  • Library 
  • Restaurant 
  • Separate a la carte restaurant 
  • Playroom 
  • Sauna 
  • Shop
  • Jacuzzis
  • Fitness room
  • Amfi theatre for educational lectures and conference facilities

Cabin layout for Midnatsol

Montevideo City Break. From (164.00 GBP)

Extend your stay in Montevideo and let Uruguay’s capital Montevideo welcome you with a perfect mix of modernity and the spirit of colonial times. Enjoy a guided city tour, overnight in a selected hotel. Transfer to/from the pier is included.

Belem City Break. From (126.00 GBP)

Make the most out of your voyage and extend your stay in the capital of the mineral rich state of Pará and the biggest port of the Amazon River. Visit an intact colonial centre, a stunning collection of architectural gems from the rubber boom and enjoy one of Brazil’s most distinctive cuisines.


Midnatsol  in South AmericaMidnatsol

South America Small Ship Cruise Small Ship Cruise

15 Days from
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• Explore the fascinating coast of Brazil

• Experience topical beaches, the Amazon rainforest, UNESCO Heritage sites, charming ports and buzzing cities

• The perfect combination of exploration, relaxation and discovery

• Exciting excursions and activities

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