This itinerary focuses on the Central and Western Islands of the Galapagos including visits to Western Isabela and Fernandina Island, two of the highlights of the Galapagos Islands.

Traveling aboard a yacht ensures the visitor receives the most intimate Galapagos experience. Truly ‘up close and personal’ with nature and the rugged beauty of the islands: Leaning over the bow watching the dolphins riding the bow wave inches away; spotting that whale in the distance; anchoring in a quiet and secluded cove; strolling the beach amongst the sea lions and watching the boobies dive into the surf; it truly is a unique opportunity.

Please Note: A surcharge of $200 per person is applicable during Christmas and New Years weeks.


• Fauna: Tortoises, land iguanas, marine iguanas, lava lizards, sea lions, flamingos, penguins, flightless cormorant, brown pelican, Darwin finches, blue-footed boobies, whimbrels, lava gulls, swallow-tailed gulls, Galapagos hawk, Darwin finches, sally light-foot crabs, red-billed tropic birds, Galapagos snake, common gallinules

• Flora: Salt bush, algodoncillo, jerusalem thorn, castela, lantana, red white and black mangroves, lava cactus, palo santo, manzanillo, yellow cordia, opuntia cactus

• Underwater: Variety of fish, sea turtles, eels, rays, invertebrates, possible hammerhead sharks, sea urchins, possible sea horses

• Activities: Walking, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, wildlife watching, bird watching

This itinerary is also available in reverse. Click here for additional dates.

Highlands of Santa Cruz: Galapagos giant tortoises can be seen in the wild in the highlands of Santa Cruz Charles Darwin Station: Visit the Charles Darwin Station is a research facility and National Park Information center. The Charles Darwin Station has a giant tortoise and land iguana breeding program and interpretation center.
Floreana is best known for its colorful history of buccaneers, whalers, convicts, and early colonists. Punta Cormorant: Punta Cormorant has two contrasting beaches and a large inland lagoon where pink flamingoes can be seen. Devil’s Crown: This is a snorkeling site located just off Punta Cormorant. The site is a completely submerged volcano that has eroded to create the appearance of a jagged crown. Post Office Bay: This is one of the few sites visited for its human history. Visit the wooden mail barrel where letters are dropped off and picked up and remains of the Norwegian fishing village.
Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands formed by five active volcanoes fused together. Wolf Volcano is the highest point in the entire Galapagos at 1707m. Sierra Negra : Volcan Sierra Negra has a caldera with a diameter of 10km. View recent lava flows, moist highland vegetation, and parasitic cones. Puerto Villamil: Puerto Villamil is a charming small town on a white sand beach. Highlights include the Tortoise Breeding Station and the flamingo lagoon. Other visits (depending on conditions) are the Tintoreras or Los Humedales.
Punta Moreno: Punta Moreno is located in the central southwestern coast of Isabela Island. The site has spectacular views of volcanoes Alcedo, Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul. Some highlights include impressive lava flows, desolate and pristine landscape, varied and unusual arid zone vegetation. Elizabeth Bay: This spot is only accessible by dinghy. It is possible to see penguins on the small islets in the bay. The end of the bay is long and narrow surrounded by three species of mangroves. Galapagos Sea Turtles and rays can usually be seen in the water. Urbina Bay: Urbina Bay is located at the central-west coast of Isabela Island at the foothills of Alcedo and Darwin volcanoes. Highlights include the colourful land iguanas, Galapagos Giant tortoises and the coral uplifting from 1954. Tagus Cove: Tagus Cove is a natural harbor where centuries ago whalers and pirates left their ship’s names painted or carved on the rocks. A walk uphill to Darwin’s Crater salt-water lake will provide an excellent view.
Fernandina is the youngest volcanic island and is still active. Punta Espinoza: Punta Espinoza is a place famous for its large colonies of marine iguanas and as the habitat of unique species like the flightless cormorant, Galapagos penguin, Galapagos hawk, Galapagos snake, among others. Isabela Island. Punta Vicente Roca: This site is visited by dinghy rides along the cliffs or the partially sunken cave at the water’s edge. Nasca boobies, blue-footed boobies and flightless cormorants inhabit the shoreline.
James (Santiago) Island- this Island is located between Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands. This Island offers a wide variety of seabirds, marine iguanas and fur seals. Puerto Egas: A walk along the rocky coast line that will you show you a view of some of Galapagos’ best tide pools. Some highlights include: Sugar loaf volcano, fur seals, oystercatchers, marine iguana colony, and old salt mine Bartolome Island: A hike will take you to the highest point on Bartolome for a spectacular view. Sea lions and penguins can be seen around Pinnacle Rock. There is a sandy beach with great swimming and snorkeling.
North Seymour Island: This flat piece of land originated after an uplifting event thousands of years ago. The island is home to endemic Palo Santo trees, colonies of blue-footed boobies, swallow tailed gulls, and magnificent frigate birds. Baltra: Return flight to Quito
This itinerary can also be started in Puerto Villamil on Day 3 and operated as a 6 day / 5 night itinerary. Beluga “15 Day Itinerary”: Fernandina and Tower Itineraries can be combined to form a 15 day itinerary. Itineraries are regulated by the Galapagos National Park and are subject to change without prior notice

This itinerary is also available in reverse. Click here for additional dates.

Standard Cabin

$ 4850 USD pp
Standard Cabin
Double cabin with private bath. Hot / cold water showers. Security safe in each cabin.

Standard Cabin

$ 4850 USD pp
Standard Cabin
Double cabin with private bath. Hot / cold water showers. Security safe in each cabin.

Additional charges:

National Park Entry/Migratory Card Fees: 120 USD pp


Vessel Type: Motor Yacht

Length: 35 metres

Passenger Capacity: 16

Built/Refurbished: 1968 / 2016

Embark upon this very spacious and comfortable Superior First Class motor yacht. With panoramic windows in the salon and great deck space, Beluga is a fantastic way to cruise the islands in speed and style.

Equipped with the most modern safety systems, Beluga accommodates 16 passengers in 8 double cabins. Each cabin has their own private bathroom equipped with hot & cold water showers. Beluga is fully air conditioned, has spacious social areas with all the comforts and facilities of a superior first class motor yacht; panoramic windows in the salon/dining area.

Enjoy your time on board in the spacious sundeck or relax in the shade of the top deck while cruising between the islands.

Cabin layout for Beluga

Flights per person. From (530.00 USD)

Quito/Guayaquil to the Galapagos

Lima, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. From (1087.00 USD)

This 7 day trip visits the main highlights of Peru and can be easily added on to a trip the Galapagos Islands. The trip begins in Lima with a city tour of this bustling city, then continues on to Cusco the old capital of the Incan Empire, then visits interesting the colourful market of Pisac and the ruins of Ollantaytambo. Finally it ends with a tour of the famous ruins of Machu Picchu. This itinerary has it all!

Sacha Lodge Tour. From (1050.00 USD)

4 days / 3 nights or 5 days / 4 nights. The Sacha jungle lodge is located in the province of Sucumbios, in the Northeastern part of Ecuador. A 40-minute flight will take you from Quito to Coca. Then you travel by motorized dugout canoe for 2 hours (approximately) down the Napo River, after which a 30 minute walk will get you to the lodge. The lodge is located in a very nice setting surrounded by primary forest. The Sacha tour program consists of a combination of jungle walks on narrow trails – through different types of forests (Primary, Secondary, Varzea etc.) – and canoe rides on local lakes and rivers. In addition, an observation tower and the recently finished 275 meters long canopy walkway enables visitors to climb 36 mts. into the canopy for an unobstructed view of intact rainforest, as well as a possible close-up view of mammals, plants and dozens of species of birds.

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