Starting in Manaus, we cruise the Amazon River and venture into the tropical jungle. Learn more about the ecology here, enjoy birdwatching and observe the unique wildlife whilst hiking or canoeing. As we sail south along Brazil's coastline, you can enjoy time spent at sea, explore impressive nature and see historic highlights in some of the cities, giving you a great opportunity to really get to know the country and its people.

A Blend of Natural Wonders and Urban City Life
While we are sailing along the Brazilian coastline, we will explore the rainforest, beaches and endless rivers. Windsurfing and fishing are both popular activities and there are excellent opportunities for rock climbing and hiking. In addition, you will have plenty of time to explore some of the cities, with great museums, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, diverse architecture, the seductive sound of Bahian music, and the exotic, inviting scents and tastes of the African-influenced food. The mix of jaw-dropping nature, friendly people, rich culture and fascinating lectures makes this expedition an unforgettable one.

Optional tours and activities are available, please contact us for details.


• A very diverse itinerary, exploring big cities and glorious nature

• See the Amazon rainforest and the lush coast of Brazil

• Exciting and varied excursion programme

• Fascinating lectures from our Expedition Team

This itinerary is also available in reverse. Click here for additional dates.

Your adventure starts with an overnight stay in this exotic city.
After a relaxing breakfast, you will learn more about Manaus and the region by joining a sightseeing tour which ends at the pier where MS Fram will be waiting for you.
Parintins is a very small island with lots of small shops, eateries and a local cathedral that towers over the city. Take a walk to experience the everyday life here, enjoy one of the local drinks or taste the local soup, do some boi-dancing with the locals or join the Expedition Team for a hike or kayak trip in the jungle.
The Amazon River is the largest river in the world and runs through the largest forest in the world. After three days at sea, it will be great to feel land under your feet again! Stroll along the waterfront promenade in the lively port town of Santarém where the murky brown Amazon meets the dark blue-green Rio Tapajós. Santarém is the perfect starting point for several activities in the National Forest Tapajós, a beautiful national forest where you can hike and canoe. You can also explore the unique Amazon rainforest.
For the next few days, we will be sailing on the Amazon River through the jungle before we reach the Atlantic Ocean, so stay on deck with your camera and binoculars! Listen to the sounds of the jungle and hear the songs of the wilderness.
Enjoy the tropical temperatures on deck or lectures from the Expedition Team.
Today is perfect for birdwatching from the deck, attending lectures or simply relaxing with a good book.
In Fortaleza, we recommend a visit to Centro, the oldest part of town, which is a lively area to explore by day, with busy streets full of small shops. Here, you can sample typical Brazilian food in one of the barracas (rustic restaurants) next to the beach, and visit the old fortress built by the Dutch captain Matias Beck in 1649 as well as Fortaleza's cathedral, the third-biggest church in Brazil.
Join the Expedition Team for more fascinating lectures or relax on deck.
Spend 3 relaxing and interesting days at sea.
The UNESCO World Heritage town of Paraty, with its old colonial houses and cobblestone streets, is surrounded by islands, sheltered beaches, and a backdrop of steep, jungled mountains. Paraty had its first boom during the gold rush in Brazil, in the 17th century. It was the final point of the 'Gold Trail'. Originally used by the Guaianazes Indians, the 745-mile road connected the gold mines with the Atlantic Ocean through the rough terrain of the rainforest. At the beginning of the 19th century, Paraty became renowned once again due to the coffee trade and the production of Cachaça, a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice. The coastline, with its intact forests, attracts hikers, botanists and ornithologists from all over the world and a visit here is an unforgettable one.
Enjoy life on board as we spend 2 days at sea.
In the afternoon, we arrive in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, situated at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. A transfer will take you from the ship to your hotel. Enjoy the lively city in the evening.
After breakfast in the hotel, your adventure comes to an end.

This itinerary is also available in reverse. Click here for additional dates.

These prices are indicative, please check for details

Polar Inside I

£ 5686 GBP pp
Polar Inside I

Polar Outside FJ Limited View

£ 6174 GBP pp

Polar Outside N

£ 6769 GBP pp
Polar Outside N

Arctic Superior U

£ 7579 GBP pp
Arctic Superior U

Arctic Superior F

£ 8710 GBP pp

Expedition Suite M

£ 9482 GBP pp
Expedition Suite M

Polar Inside Solo I

£ 9911 GBP pp

Polar Outside Solo N

£ 11807 GBP pp

Expedition Suite Solo MG

£ 11810 GBP pp

Arctic Superior Solo U

£ 13223 GBP pp

Expedition Suite Solo M

£ 18857 GBP pp


Vessel Type: Expedition

Length: 114m

Passenger Capacity: 276

Built: 2007

MS Fram is designed for sailing in polar waters, holds the highest safety standards and is the perfect size for optimum nautical manoeuverability and guests' comfort. With space for only 276 guests, you are sure to get to know many of your fellow travellers. You will share stunning sights and memories of a lifetime long after returning home. The Norwegian word Fram means ‘forward’ – lifting expectations of the voyage at hand.

MS Fram was built in 2007 with one mission in mind - to bring her guests closer to nature, wildlife and unforgettable experiences. As well as offering numerous lounges in which to relax, our more active guests can use our well-equipped gym. Meanwhile, on deck, our Jacuzzis guarantee you surreal memories when passing the towering icebergs of Antarctica or Greenland.



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