The Galapagos Islands were discovered by accident by the Bishop of Panama in 1535. For the next 300 years the main visitors were either whalers or English pirates hiding out in between plundering Spanish galleons laden with silver and gold.

The islands gained international recognition when Charles Darwin published his famous theory on “natural selection” following his visit to the islands in 1835 aboard the HMS Beagle. Darwin marvelled at the extraordinary animals on the islands. Fueled by the nutrient rich ocean currents and isolated from humans, the islands have developed unique, abundant wildlife that has no natural fear of Man. The islands' importance was confirmed when the islands were declared the world’s first World Heritage Site in 1978 and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1984.

The Galapagos National Park protects 97% of the islands. Thanks to conservation efforts the Galapagos Islands are much as they were millions of years ago and visitors can see up close some of the planet’s most wonderful creatures and landscapes. It truly is like no place on earth. Imagine yourself walking amongst prehistoric-looking marine iguanas, albatross nesting colonies, lumbering giant tortoises, baby sea turtles hatching or flamingos. Swim and snorkel with playful sea lions, speedy penguins, sea turtles and a myriad of spectacularly colourful fish. We guarantee you an experience like no other you have ever known.

Additional Charges Apply - Easter, Christmas and New Year


• Discover Genovesa & Central Islands

am: Baltra Island: Arrival to the airport and transfer to Santa Cruz to visit the highlands before boarding. Dress appropriately for a hike. pm: Bartholomew – Island: This island is well known for its incredible remnants of volcano cones and distinct terrain such as Pinnacle Rock.
am: Rabida – Island: This visitor site is quite different from others as it has a very distinct and red fine gravel beach due to the iron content. pm: Santiago Island – Egas Port: This island is well known for its incredible remnants of volcano cones and distinct terrain such as Pinnacle Rock.
am: Genovesa – Darwin Bay: A coral beach where a 750 mt. trail takes you through more seabird colonies. pm: Genovesa – Prince Phillip’s Steps: An extraordinary, steep path leads through a seabird colony full of life, up to cliffs that are 25m high.
am: Mosquera Islet: This was the result of volcanic uprising making the islet only 160 meters across at its narrowest width. pm: Santa Cruz – Highlands: The highlands are located in the northern part of the island and can reach elevations up to 1500 mt.
am: North Seymour Island: Explore the rocky coast, passing colonies of blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds. Transfer to the Baltra Airport: Please read an important note.
These Galapagos cruise itineraries are subject to change without previous notice due to weather conditions and National Park regulations. Itineraries of 8 or more days may be scheduled to stop at ports for various cruise logistic reasons and/or for embarking/disembarking passengers.


$4,820 USD pp
8 different staterooms, each with a private balcony.


$4,820 USD pp
8 different staterooms, each with a private balcony.

Additional charges:

Galapagos Park Entrance Fee + Transit Control Card: 120 USD pp


Vessel Type: Trimaran

Passenger Capacity: 16

Built: 2018

MT Camila is not only the newest 16 passenger vessel to cruise in the Galapagos, but also the newest trimaran with 8 different staterooms, each with a private balcony. Kayaks, snorkel gear, wetsuits, and Jacuzzi are just a few of the amenities and free services available aboard the spacious and comfortable trimaran. Camila's Galapagos Cruise itineraries include four, five, and eight day programs, each visiting the most extraordinary visitor sites in the Galapagos Islands. Guests will be accompanied by a bilingual Naturalist Guide who will provide the most extensive knowledge possible on the flora and fauna. Onboard the Cruise Manager and 10 crew members will be there ready and waiting to attend to any needs guests may have during their stay while the captain navigates with expertise throughout the islands.

Cabin layout for Camila

Flights to the islands from (550.00 USD)

15-day Treasures of Ecuados Tour: Andes, Galapagos Islands & Amazon Jungle. From (7970.00 USD)

Day 1 Arrival to Quito - Day 2 Rose plantation - Day 3 Otavalo and Cotacahi Markets - Day 4 The Wonders of Quito - Day 5-9 Galapagos Islands Cruise - Day 10 From Galapagos to Quito - Day 11-13 Amazon Adventure - Day 14 From the Amazon Jungle to Quito - Day 15 Departure

A variety of Extension Packages & Add-on Tours Available. Please contact us for more details.


Voyage on board in selected cabin category
All shore excursions
All meals while on board
Regular soft drinks and juices
Champagne reception
Galapagos National Park bilingual Guide
Use of snorkeling gear and wetsuits
Carbon Offset for your Cruise


International and domestic airfares
Round-trip airfare Mainland Ecuador – Galapagos (Approx USD$550.00 per person)
Galapagos National Park Fee and transit card (Approx USD$120.00 per person)
Passport and visa costs where applicable
Travel Insurance
Alcoholic beverages
Plastic bottled beverages

Galapagos Small Ship CruiseSmall Ship Cruise
5 Days from
$4,820 USD pp

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