Merit Dehabiya

Merit Dehabiya

Dehabaiya were originally special sailing barges designed to carry royalty and nobility along the Nile, but now are designed to carry small groups of visitors in great comfort along the Nile. 

Merit Dehabiya has just 8 cabins. 

Merit Dahabiya offers refined deluxe cabin interiors that provide every facility for an ultimate luxury experience. Our cruise provides a spacious sundeck with a jacuzzi, a comfortable lounge and a dining room, it also features free internet access and a bazzar. You will be pleased by our luxurious hospitality while exploring new destinations within your stay. If you are lucky enough and your birthday meets the time of your accommodation, Merit Dahabiya will provide you with a birthday celebration full of unexpected surprises along with a farewell cake on your last day as an appreciation for being a member of Merit Dahabiya’s family. 

On Merit Dahabiya, we offer our customers a wide variety of international cuisines from all over the world using the finest and highest quality ingredients. In addition, we offer our authentic Egyptian cuisine, our specialty, guaranteed to take you on a unique and flavorful encounter full of culture with every bite. We also provide live cooking sessions to teach you local Egyptian recipes so that you can try them when you return home. We strive to offer you a true Egyptian experience at its best. This is what differentiates Merit Dahabiya from others.

Merit Dahabiya has no motors, it gets dragged by a tugboat from a distance so you never feel any disturbing sounds or vibration during your trip.

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