Small Ship Cruise


Vessel Type: Yacht

Length: 36 metres

Passenger Capacity: 12 cabins

Originally conceived in Australia, the Haumana is a 118 foot yacht intended for you to discover French Polynesia from the ocean. Offering short cruises of three days in average only, the ship evolves in the middle of the Leeward islands and endeavours to get as close as possible to the mythical islands which contribute to the fame of French Polynesia around the world. The holy island of Raiatea, the mysterious Bora Bora and Taha’a, the Vanilla island, will progressively give away their secrets as you sail in the Pacific ocean.

The small size of the Haumana and its small draught are perfect for small cruises, as it allows it to navigate at sea and through shallower waters. The ship dedicates a great place to intimacy, which is why only eleven double cabins and one panoramic suite were installed, in order to welcome just a few guests.

On the lower deck, you will find a marina at the rear of the ship, which offers a direct access to the lagoon. It will enable you to get into water and practice nautical activities. This platform is also the starting point of your excursions aboard our dinghy.

On this very floor is located the main restaurant of the Haumana where our chief will take a great delight in making you discover the exhilarating savors of Polynesia.

There, are to be found the two Ninamu cabins and, at the front of the ship, the sundeck : a place dedicated to relaxation and farniente only, where you can take a sunbath away from prying eyes or organise a romantic dinner under the starry sky.

On the main deck, a small space is at your disposal outside so that you can enjoy the breeze while gazing at the astounding landscape. Inside, you will find the reception desk and a small library waiting to be explored.

The nine Mahana cabins and the panoramic suite occupy the rest of the floor.

Eventually, if you go upstairs on the upper deck, it will lead you to the bar, a convivial space where you can drink a succulent cocktail while enjoying the whole panorama.

Beyond, the living room offers a great air-conditionned space. Must place for reading, it is also favourable to meet new people and share with the other guests. Perhaps will you have the occasion to play cards or watch a movie on the flat TVscreen of the ship.

As you walk on the top deck, seize the opportunity to meet the captain on the bridge, he will be more than pleased to share its knowledge about navigation and Polynesia.

Cabin layout for Haumana

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