Russian Far East

Russian Far East

Russia is a huge country, covering nine time zones. In Chukotka – the north-eastern most region of Russia, they have a saying “God is a long way up there, but Moscow is even further away” that is true in so many respects. The Russian Far East is unique, the culture, the climate, the history, the wildlife; it is a world away from the Russia you might have explored.

Here, you will find very unique expeditions, all exploring a different part of the Russian Far East from the Kuril Islands in the south, to Wrangel Island in the north. It is impossible to single out one expedition as being better than the other.

Explore the Pacific Ring of Fire on Russia's Ring of Fire, the volcanic Kuril Islands are rich in seabirds and cetaceans, travel north up the Kamchatka Coast. Expeditions are wildlife packed with walrus, brown bear, beluga whales, steller's sea eagles, spoon-billed sandpiper sightings and much more. 


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