This expedition takes you to the biggest islands in the Arctic, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland. This is an adventure that cannot be compared to anything else in this hemisphere.

See the Arctic Crown of Norway - Spitsbergen
After a short stop in Longyearbyen, the expedition starts by taking you through the magnificent North West Spitsbergen National Park. The area is characterised by big inland glaciers and a typical alpine landscape, and is filled with spectacular contrasts from lush areas to naked moraines, rocky ridges and glaciers diving into the sea. Kongsfjorden and Magdalenefjorden impress with their dramatic landscapes and interesting history. At 78º 55' N you visit Ny Ålesund, one of the world’s northernmost year-round communities and an advanced High Arctic research station.

Sailing for days without seeing other people or vessels
As we start sailing along the coast of Greenland, you will start to realise that we are quite alone in this remote corner of the world. Once in the fjords of North East Greenland your sense of distance, size and shape of landscapes will be challenged. These are the largest fjords in the world and the surrounding alpine landscape, with hanging glaciers and dramatic vertical granite walls, reaches as far as the eye can see. The chances of meeting a polar wolf or a polar bear are far greater than meeting representatives of our own species.

The mythical Saga Iceland
From the Westfjords of Iceland we spend three days exploring untouched nature with cliffs and valleys, high waterfalls and pure streams. This includes seeing famous places like Grundarfjörður, Flateyri and Ísafjörður, before ending this extraordinary arctic voyage in Reykjavik.

Your price includes:

Economy flight between Oslo and Longyearbyen (departure 24 Aug) or Longyearbyen to Oslo (departure 8 Sept)
Only departure 24 Aug 2016 - One hotel night in Longyearbyen before the voyage including breakfast and lunch

Optional tours and activities are available, please contact us for details.
Norway's capital Oslo is often referred to as "the blue, the green and the city in between". Forest, lakes, hills and a fjord surrounds this city. Downtown you will find a very varied architecture, a strong cafe and bar culture, top-notch restaurants, endless shopping possibilities, and a large and visible immigrant community who add their own colourful touch to the city. You leave Oslo in the evening, heading for the High Arctic - Spitsbergen.
The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. In the midst of a mighty and wild nature you find the Norwegian settlement of Longyearbyen. After an overnight stay in one of our hotels you can join a sightseeing tour of Longyearbyen before embarking the MS Fram.
The first national park we visit covers the northwest corner of Spitsbergen. The area is characterised by big inland glaciers and a typical alpine landscape contrasted by green areas and moraines. We continue into Kongsfjord and Magdalenefjord, offering spectacular scenery and interesting history. At 78º 55’ N we visit Ny-Ålesund, the starting point for numerous expeditions towards the North Pole in the old days. Today it is home to an advanced High Arctic research station.
Spend a relaxing, but exciting day at sea. We will begin our lecture series and enjoy sights of wildlife from deck.
As we arrive in the largest national park in the world, you will start dwelling upon the thought that we are quite alone in a far corner of the globe. Apart from some abandoned trapping stations, a weather station and the traditional Sirius sled patrol there are absolutely no signs of humans here. Within the borders of North East Greenland National Park there are only about 30 souls that overwinter. In the very short summer season, when the waters around are not frozen, 500 expedition cruise guests visit the park. Yellowstone has 1 visitor per hour of the year; North East Greenland National Park has 0,002! Once inside the fjords of North East Greenland your sense of distance, size and shape of landscapes will be challenged. These are the largest fjords in the world and the alpine landscape around, with hanging glaciers and vertical granite faces reaches as far as the eye can see. As well as terrestrial wildlife like musk oxen, arctic fox, hare and wolf, we may see a variety of sea birds. And remember, where there is ice there might be polar bears! The very isolated weather and research station, Danmarkshavn is one of the places we visit en route. Sailing into fjords like Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord or Alpefjord will give you an experience of a lifetime. The majority of our landings are performed as pure wilderness expeditions. We might meet the Sirius Patrol (The Danish Navy) that supervises the park using traditional methods, mushing dogs. Before the Danes acquired sovereignty of this area, the Norwegians claimed it. A natural place to attempt a landing is Myggbukta (Mosquito bay), where the legendary Governor of North East Greenland had his base. During this expedition you will have ample amount of time to get the feeling of being in one of the most isolated places on earth. Still you will feel totally safe aboard one of the most fitting expedition vessels. Our expert guides and lecturers will safely guide you on hikes and small boat trips in addition to briefings and lectures about the places we go.
In the most isolated town in Greenland, you can visit the museum, church and a photo exhibition, or walk around on your own.
We set course towards the Westfjords of Iceland. The area has a feel of untouched nature with cliffs and valleys, high waterfalls and crystal-clear streams. Grundarfjörður is located at the Snæfellsnes peninsula, often called “Iceland in a nutshell”. Enjoy the sights of lava and rock formations, glaciers, volcanic activity, hot and cold springs as well as an abundance of bird life and picturesque landscapes. Flateyri has been a trading post since 1792 and was a base for shark hunting and whaling operations in the 1900s. Today Flateyri is dependent on tourism. There is a nice sandy beach on the other side of the fjord, and although the sea might be colder for bathing than most people prefer, the sand is great for building sand castles. We will offer optional excursions to explore the area. Ísafjörður is the capital of the Westfjords region. Take a stroll around this cosy town and enjoy its diverse architecture. You'll find the country's oldest dwelling here, along with fine examples of timber houses built by wealthy foreign traders in the 18th century. Our optional excursions offer a variety of experiences from hikes to tastings of local food.
Iceland's capital offers a lot to tempt the curiosity of its visitors. Relatively close to Reykjavik you find glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and mountains. Reykjavik has also a vast selection of restaurants, museums and shops. We will arrive in the morning hours, and here our voyage ends.

These prices are indicitave, please check for details

Polar Inside

€ 7249 EUR pp
Polar Inside
Our Polar Inside cabins are situated on lower deck and offer a cosy atmosphere. All cabins include bathrooms with shower/wc. Most of the cabins have separate beds where one can be turned into a sofa, and others offer upper and lower berths. Some of the cabins have more facilities than others.

Polar Outside

€ 8566 EUR pp
Polar Outside
Our Polar Outside cabins are situated on lower deck and they all have bathrooms with shower/wc. Most of them offer separate beds where one can be turned into a sofa, and others offer upper and lower berths. Some of the cabins have more facilities than others.

Arctic Superior

€ 9551 EUR pp
Arctic Superior
Our Arctic Superior cabins are comfortable cabins situated on both upper and middle deck, where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. All the cabins have bathrooms with shower/wc. You will also find coffee and tea facilities in these cabins. Most of them have separate beds, where one can be turned into a sofa and some have double beds. Some of the cabins have more facilities than others.

Expedition Suite

€ 11860 EUR pp
Expedition Suite
Our Expeditions Suites are the most exquisite cabins on the ship. Situated on upper deck, you can enjoy the most comfortable suites on board. Inside you will find seating areas with TV, bathrooms with shower/wc and most of them have double beds. All of the suites offer cabin kits, which contains bathrobe, slippers and other beauty articles. Some of the suites do have more facilities than others.

Polar Inside Solo

€ 12289 EUR pp

Polar Outside Solo

€ 14593 EUR pp

Arctic Superior Solo

€ 16318 EUR pp

Expedition Suite Solo

€ 23151 EUR pp


Vessel Type: Expedition

Length: 114m

Passenger Capacity: 276

Built: 2007

MS Fram is designed for sailing in polar waters, holds the highest safety standards and is the perfect size for optimum nautical manoeuverability and guests' comfort. With space for only 276 guests, you are sure to get to know many of your fellow travellers. You will share stunning sights and memories of a lifetime long after returning home. The Norwegian word Fram means ‘forward’ – lifting expectations of the voyage at hand.

MS Fram was built in 2007 with one mission in mind - to bring her guests closer to nature, wildlife and unforgettable experiences. As well as offering numerous lounges in which to relax, our more active guests can use our well-equipped gym. Meanwhile, on deck, our Jacuzzis guarantee you surreal memories when passing the towering icebergs of Antarctica or Greenland.



Cabin layout for Fram


Expedition Expedition

16 Days from
€ 7249 EUR pp


• An exclusive expedition to Greenland, Spitsbergen and Iceland.

• Experience the largest National Park in the World

• Untouched landscape, deep fjords and high mountains

• Chance to see the Northern Lights and polar bears, musk oxen, polar hares, Greenland Falcon and polar wolves

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